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June was an especially brutal month for me personally and for our national entertainment collective.  We lost the lovely Farrah Fawcett,  long-time Tonight Show sidekick Ed McMahon, annoying TV pitchman Billy Mays (now we know why he was so hyped all the time – LOL), actor David Carradine (under rather strange sexual circumstances), actor from my youth Gale Storm, and who doesn’t remember where they were when the news of Michael Jackson’s death came!  Earlier in 2009 we lost the brilliant and personable Jazz trumpeter Freddie Hubbard.  I remember interviewing him at the Blue Note in New York City back in 1994; a real fun and cool guy!  June was also the beginning of the end of my cozy relationship with the girl from Eastern Europanima” for reasons I may never know which equaled no “closure”, and it seems more personal dominoes began to fall thereafter culminating in a total financial collapse of my old family (Mother), betrayal (younger sister) amongst my part-time suicidal thoughts and languishing in love’s limbo. Sounds almost like an episode of “Nip/Tuck” or the old knots Landing!

Within and against that backdrop was a spiritual revival and epiphany of sorts combined with people tithing to help me (see “the three mysterious boxes” blog earlier).  Needlesstosay, I am not sorry to see the double-oh-nine in the rear-view mirror, and have been so pre-occupied with retaining my sanity and intelligence that I didn’t realize until over the Christmas weekend that this is the end of  the decade of the “00s”  and beginning of the ‘teens” if you will.  It is cause for cautious optimism, I suppose.

I have written a letter to President Obama about some concerns I have.  It has been a while since I wrote to a President, having last done it as a youthful, idealistic boy – I think it was to President Johnson about Vietnam.  Just him being there has partially rekindled that utopian ember, meaning that I guess anything is possible if you hand in here long enough.  To those though, who would tell me that “money isn’t everything” – my answer is that so far as I can see…yes it IS!  From love to laughter and the ability to keep a roof over your head and a happy song in your heart it is!

I don’t make New Year resolutions, only goals that often fall short mainly because they depend too much upon the cooperation of other people. How about a New Year’s wish?  OK: I wish for a “system restore” be performed on my life.  I now know that the best choice in the short-term is to live days of our lives one episode at a time…ahh, even that is no consolation;”videotape at eleven”.

Pickhit: another overused meaningless phrase: “Hey you gotta do whatcha gotta do…” Usually said in response to a plea for honest advice.  Now there’s a plan! (sarcastic)

pickhit: Also two people I grew up respecting from the news and political area whose voices will and are already missed: “Uncle” Walter Cronkite of the original CBS Evening News, and Senator Edward “Ted” Kennedy who overcame scandal and became the lion of the Legislators in Washington, D.C. – Maximum respect.

The Indianapolis Colts football team should get fined by the league for trying NOT to win the GAME on Sunday!  If you take the horse off the whip down the stretch to “rest” him, most likely it will never get that momentum back again. Now the Colts can NOT win the Super Bowl or even get there, in my opinion. How can they try not to go undefeated?? It is like a reverse “fix” –  a let us not be as good as we can be mentality.

By the way I am a JET fan but this “win” is almost insulting like my fourteen year younger gay sister putting a penny in the Christmas card she sent me! [more on that in another post] How insulting is THAT!

This is yet another troubling trend within our society – and you know sports is a microcosim of our society – the over-use of “let us play it safe” mentality is ruining the romance, danger, excitement, come-togetherness and tradition of the human experience (at least in the USA). So:  Speak out!

These are a couple of the funniest and truly should-be-applied comments to a airline terrorist situation that I have ever read! LOL  New York Daily News for December 25, 2009:

5:12 PM
Dec 25, 2009fly the plane back up into the sky open the door and throw this idiot out of the plane…..i WILL most certainly bet that once all the other lunatics see what the punnishment is for their actions on board they will think twice.Read more:

and this one:

5:39 PM
Dec 25, 2009

Whether he’s an al Qaeda sympathizer or a plain loony, I agree with breadpainter. This yutzso is too stupid to live and anyway that kind of response is all the camel drivers understand

Read more:

Ya see, I agree with these people that until you make a statement example of one of  these truly mean and misguided, cowardly individuals they will continue to attempt this kind of spit.  I bet after we threw his butt outta the plane, we truly peaceful travelers wouldn’t have to be subjected to privacy-violating searches at the airport. LOL

pickhitt: George Michael (of “The Sports Machine” fame on NBC) dies at age seventy on Christmas Eve, and although most of you probably know him as the sports highlight guy even before the ESPN monopoly, I remember him as the guy who had a tough act to follow when, during I guess one of Musicradio WABC AM’s staff shakeups around 1970, he had to replace “Cousin” Brucie in his time slot and we native New Yorker teenagers were not exactly into him with open arms.  To me he had an attention-gettting sound that he developed as a disc jockey and served him well.  It is another sad commentary that there are no chances for a young disc jockey on terrestrial radio to grow into a George Michael anymore these days because of the mistaken deregulation of the industry that began in the late 1980s.  “This is Geeorrrrrge Mich-aelllll” he would say.  RIP

‘Twas the night before broke Christmas,

When all through my house,

The wind was a’howling.

Rain threatening my spirit to douse.

I prayed to the Creator to increase my doling;

Then to sleep I nodded

My on TV me watching.

When suddenly I heard outside a sound,

Like my pocket’s loose change

I thought it was my piggy bank!

As I made my way to the window

A guy who looked like Scrooge I saw.

Then a bunch of dead presidents letting out guffaws.

On Franklin! On McKinley! On Cleveland and Grant!

This crusty old geezer went on to rant;

When next I knew awoke on Christmas morn,

I found a Pick Five lotto ticket all tattered and torn.

Piecing it together with Scotch tape,

I found I had five numbers and was briefly filled with glee;

Only to learn it was only worth eight dollars.

I had two numbers on one game,

Then on the other game I had three.

That is how small the payouts are

This end of year for me.

(from “Sad Face King”- tbp)

Lights sequened dresses of gold flakes and real conversational din surround libations intermingled with red cold weather cardigans and sweaters. Personal fears of a new unknown year. Knowing that this Christmas my former lady (who is from an Eastern European country, by the way)  will not be there to take me to the movies and lay her lovely right leg upon my lap as we watched a movie at the theater.

So many ramdom thoughts appear as more reds, browns and cheers pass me by while I occasionally make eye contact; sitting by myself, occasionally joined by a smiling stranger for curious courteous words, at another holiday party.

I know you can relate if you lost your “baby’ since last Christmas like I did.  I don’t care to tell you my hapless story except in bits and pieces. Until I wish to share again…part of our hearts are still bound whether she knows it or not.

-Sad Faced King 2009

pickhit: So…a US General in Iraq has put his foot down on female soldiers getting pregnant and male soldiers fornicating.  This is great news!!  This is another reason for our brilliant scientific community who has brought us Viagra and Cialis to be more responsible and develop a MALE contraceptive pill. Oh Yeah, I would take it gladly!  It will also diffuse the abortion/anti-abortion debate ya know.  More on my personal struggle with that kind of gold-digging in another post. 

pickhit: The FBI held a file on Michael Jackson for thirteen years???  Oh yeah, they say they were just “protecting him from threats”.  Not  buying that anymore than J. Edgar Hoover was not Mr. Poofter. LOL

Less meanin 4 Xmas Musik

In the local supermarket they started playing ‘let it snow, let it snow, let it snooow” before Thanksgiving! I had to get out of there asap.  Having never in my life seen so many good people have so many bad things happen to them in such a short period of time (including ME in the past six months), I wonder where is the true Christmas spirit this year and furthermore, why we have to be subjected to “Chestnuts Roasting On an Open Fire” and other purely Christmas EVE songs so far in advance on terrestrial radio stations and all  over the  place so soon.  You know that Madison Avenue has been thrusting Christmas upon us earlier and earlier for the last score of years, at least.  So why do we have to put up with this? It is at the point that these songs are meaningless by the time we get to “the big day”.  Call your neighborhood store; write to your legislators now for next year and petition them to lean on the advertisers and merchants to ease back off of the Christmas shopping accelerator pedal until the week or two just before December twenty-fifth so that we can get into the mood traditionally and naturally, and not because the shopaholics need their fix.  I heard a song on the radio say “it’s Christmas Eve …” tonight – it is only December 19th, dammit!  The Earth and it’s humans are truly off its axis in terms of this kwayzee music playlist.

yours truly,


Pickhit: why it doesn’t snow in Nashville, TN when it will snow all around the area and even in TX?  bcs it is located over the geographic center of HELL! LOL  This is one reason the natives of the city try to sell us on the “bible belt” moniker…The corporation I work for part-time isn’t having the annual Christmas party even though they are in “the black” financially…great for THIS employee’s moral eh?  NOTT.

pickhitt: Tiger Woods needs Tiger Balm – I heard Roger Clemens used to put it in his jock strap….

I had a bar customer who comitted suicide rather than pay what he thought to be an unjust child support bill about ten years ago.  I still remember him crying at my bar over his favorite drink, a “red snapper”…I thought of Gene today as I heard a gay marriage story on the news.

Suppose there was a “gay tax” or “Gay Support” like there is “child support”?  If a consenting partner suddenly could tell “the authorities” that you made them orgasm when you rubbed them as a gay person “contacts” the object of their desire…or whatever they do.  How would a person of that persuasion feel if “the Man” (i.e. gov’t) could then “calculate” how much that touching  and subsequent “climax” cost our society, and then set up an arbitrary, punitive system in order to compel or criminalize that law and resulting circumstances, especially when you were not trying to MAKE them orgasm at ALL???  Then collect an unjust tax visa v that calculation.  And… even when one would explain that it was only a one-time or accidental rub for mutual fun that the other person took too far, NO judge would believe you because of the role you are supposedly playing in the contacting, and that the other party would get off scott-free while the innocent “flirter” party’s reputation and earning potential is ruined forever!!  I have a female sibling many years my junior who is lesbian, but now in her forties, very mean, judgemental with a chip on her shoulder and manipulating.  I’m no expert on such affairs, it is my own opinion I give here….something has got to change.  I think she ‘became’ that way to get back at my parents for something she perceives they “did” to her. Prob bcs she found out mother wanted to abort her.

male contra

Pickhit: why hasn’t our brilliant world scientific community ever invented a Male contraceptive pill?  Is the answer that maybe because it would diffuse the “abortion debate”?

Hmmmm…..nuff said.

My friend called him “a dumbass and greedy…It’s really a shame.” 

“LIFE” seems to be a dumbass nowadays…I don’t know what to make of it anymore….There was a Hip Hop song back in the mid-nineties called “PO, Broke and Lonely”…”Twisted?”  Appropriate here as 2009 thankfully draws to a close.  But will anything change in the “twenty-ten”?  I can’t see it.

Those who  have  make stupid decisions with it (Tiger Woods)…those of us who don’t are left rocking, awash  in a sinking life boat. 

Pickhits:  The following empty statements these days are annoying like, “It IS what it IS”…what the hell does that mean?  IS “it” supposed to make me feel better??  “I will pray for you” – implies that something is wrong with me.  Suppose I don’t believe in the ghost of “prayer”?  Prayer is what humans do when they are whistling in the dark and scared to death;  because we have the largest brains of any species on Earth, we can rationalize our fears thusly. To me actions speak louder than words – always have; intercession is nice as a concept, however.  “Have faith”, they tell me.  “In what and for how long?” I reply.  In the ghost again?  Well, here  is a statement that is timeless and true: “seeing is believing”. 

Pickhit: “Don’t feel bad, everybody’s in the same boat these days…”  again doesn’t make one feel any better , especially if that boat is taking on water.  Maybe it is time we get out of the boat, and take it to the streets again.

James Brown sang: “Now Brotha don’t… leeeeeeave, the homework undone…”

I am still very glad Pres. Obama got me out of “voter retirement” last year, however, I am beginning to think that he is another one who will say many things to get elected, but not stick to his statements once in office.  The “honeymoon” is officially over with me, a “dove” who goes back to the Vietnam days.

Two cases in point:  He recently re-authorized the bloody Patriot Act, and his Afghanistan decision. 

I thought we went to Afghanistan to catch Bin Laden!  Now they never mention that “mission” anymore, and I didn’t hear Pres. Obama mention it at West Point last week either.  Could it be true that the Bush admin had him cornered back in 2002, and let him get away as a recent Senate report  has claimed?  That renewed mission would make much more sense to the average citizen than this retooled “give the Generals what they want” stuff.  Ever closer we are to making the same mistake as Russia,  eight years and trillions of dollars later.

It has been so long, that I’m afraid Bin Laden might live over here in the States by now, right under their noses!  Maybe he’s shaven off his beard and stuff and walks around like some businessman – who knows?

Things are not gettng better.  Mr. Obama, where is the change? Consistency is the key!  I really do still love to hear him speak, however – especially after too many years of Presidents with that annoying southern, confederate twang.

I wrote The President about a specific issue last March.  In September I received a reply – a form letter, and not once did it mention my specific area of concern.  The way things are going, the next thing we know, the President will bolt from the White House at 2:30 in the morning and crash his SUV into a nearby tree followed by First Lady Michelle, chasing with one of his golf clubs!!

Item: General Electric, the company that used to be only known for light bulbs and who a few years ago absorbed most of the TV National Broadcasting Company (NBC), now plans to eat the rest of NBC and then sell itself as a slut to one of the evil telecommunications monopolies, Comcast (or as I like to call them ComCOST) by the end of the first week in December.

The good news may be that GE has diluted the entities it has touched; causing the Jay Leno/Conan O’Brien programming fiasco and thrusting local WNBC, TV New York weatherman upon the formerly credible and independent Weather Channel after absorbing them. They made their brand to look like a cartoon show in the morning because of Roper’s buffoon-like reputation. We can only hope and pray that they will cause similar damage by selling their diluted properties to ComCOST so they can get watery too; it would be refreshing.  Signed,  a soon to be “former customer”.

Item: So now, if you had any doubts, we know even Tiger Woods has a penis mentality to go along with his great skill at the game of golf.  All men, at one point or another, let their “wood” do the talking when faced with The Creator’s ultimate trick in life, the beautiful female.  If I had a son to train and guide from birth, I would teach him to beware of this tricky flower called the female – her beauty wants to suck you in, her different anatomy wants to incite and challenge your curiosity, and unless you can envision the possibility of co-cohabiting with any of these particular curvy entities for the rest of your life legally, then your might want to take Burt Bacharach’s melodic advice and “Walk On By” whether it be on a concrete or virtual sidewalk.  Yeah, easy for me to say … I hear you.  Can I have one of their numbers, maybe Rachel’s, Tiger? LMAO

Hey Tiger! Most of us would kill for a hot wife from Sweden!  C’mon, why you wanna be greedy?  How come she doesn’t travel with you all the time? You can afford it.

Like I have always said, a lot of these guys should stay bachelors longer, have some male seconds they can trust around them for whatever like managing their fortunes in the talent’s best interest, and lobby for a male contraceptive pill – just in case.  I say that only one-third tongue-in-cheek. But upon further review, I think we have more of a “Kobe Bryant” situation and possibly a Cool Hand Luke-style  “failure to communicate.”

Thing that is most troubling (again), is that we never had to endure the personal lives of our media or sports heroes (or they never got publically busted for things like this back in days of Palmer, Jack Nicholas and earlier) before this silly “politically correct” nonsense which was brought by First Lady Hillary CLinton, who is really a Feminist.

There is much to be said for dialing back this media which feels that it has to cover and possibly exaggerate everything it smells as a story about your “hero” and his private life.  I am on Mr. Woods side on that count; but Dude, did you have to/at what point did you decide to take it outside??

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