Lights sequened dresses of gold flakes and real conversational din surround libations intermingled with red cold weather cardigans and sweaters. Personal fears of a new unknown year. Knowing that this Christmas my former lady (who is from an Eastern European country, by the way)  will not be there to take me to the movies and lay her lovely right leg upon my lap as we watched a movie at the theater.

So many ramdom thoughts appear as more reds, browns and cheers pass me by while I occasionally make eye contact; sitting by myself, occasionally joined by a smiling stranger for curious courteous words, at another holiday party.

I know you can relate if you lost your “baby’ since last Christmas like I did.  I don’t care to tell you my hapless story except in bits and pieces. Until I wish to share again…part of our hearts are still bound whether she knows it or not.

-Sad Faced King 2009

pickhit: So…a US General in Iraq has put his foot down on female soldiers getting pregnant and male soldiers fornicating.  This is great news!!  This is another reason for our brilliant scientific community who has brought us Viagra and Cialis to be more responsible and develop a MALE contraceptive pill. Oh Yeah, I would take it gladly!  It will also diffuse the abortion/anti-abortion debate ya know.  More on my personal struggle with that kind of gold-digging in another post. 

pickhit: The FBI held a file on Michael Jackson for thirteen years???  Oh yeah, they say they were just “protecting him from threats”.  Not  buying that anymore than J. Edgar Hoover was not Mr. Poofter. LOL