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Head high shoulders straight,
Undressed and confess;
I messed-Up.
Thinking I would become good enough
To get paid for jocking the box,
Like my idol Frankie Crocker.
I am a loser sexagenarian;
Cannot even score
A female soul-mate
As planned with Inna in 2012 and before..

I fucked-up,
Chose the wrong path.
Higher educated and lower paid;
Can’t even seem to get laid!
The whole town of my college friends,
Is laughing at me.

“Dumbass! Shoulda got a REAL job!”

Now I am impoverished only child
Dependent upon maybe a lottery hit –
Or crowdfunding success.

I’ve disheartened desired
Ukraineskee number three.
First there was Inna,
Who found and funded me passport
I did not ask that favor!
She gave me hope like no other.

Then Tanya and Ala simultaneously;
I tried to replace her with.
More Tanya than Ala since 2015.
So (tak)I am fessing -up.

It is 2019 now.
Tanya created an excuse,
That her son was,
Troubled at the University in Kiev,
She had to travel to him;
Many miles in Ukraine to support!
Blowing-off her job,’
So she said;
That was three months ago.

Ala has written fewer letters
Via the dating site “Beauties…”
I am a Mickey Mouse loser;
Today she let me know,
She no longer believes also.
Inna said that too after waiting long too.
And Ala told she wants a baby –
Too for that shit, Heh.

I don’t blame them at all;
Why? I cry!! Real tears!
I am a contemporary American pauper cat.
Higher educated and less wealthy;
Current government and tech policies guarantee,
A failure relying upon a net of safety.

What gorgeous international lady,
That of my seven-year plan;
Wants to be strung-along,
In the lax company
Of a dreamer via internet,
Without any tangible gifts?

Who can latch onto,
The photo of a cool-looking
Long-distance guy,
Who seems to rent and never own?
Sounds so full of baloney I agree.
Now I’m in a new town
Trying again to throw-down,
Yet who knows how long I have to live.
A Baby Boomer representing all we are blessed to give.

I fucked-up all-in-all;
Wasted a university degree.
Nyet,”see-chas” I’m The Wandering Person,
Always making decisions to stay free.

Belonging punished to selfishly croon;
Unsatisfactorily home and alone;
With allergies killing me sans air conditioning!
Need to move and build my own space,
And will do it to it;
When and if my magic numbers from the Great Spirit grace.

Why does this keep happening to me?
Twice in two years in South Carolina? Coincidence? I think NOT.

Minding my own business and trying to leverage my newfound senior citizen status by writing letters, asking for interstate relocation assistance since the begging of this year, I am suddenly blindsided by the heretofore friendly apartment Manager/Landlord, three weeks ago, who apparently wants to kick me out! No reason given and apparently, they can DO this here in South Carolina?? My rent is up-to-date and never late; I’ve been a concerned citizen tenant and the guy spoke to liking me to give him a “heads-up” on anything that needed to be addressed (and boy, there were many in the past 22 months, including a deranged young man who tried to Bogart himself into my crib one Sunday night back in July of 2017!). It is a dysfunctional “community”, to my worldly, educated eyes and I will not miss it. However, to be given the bum’s rush before I have a security deposit in hand and a place to land?…

Hmmm, to me, a black American man, it seems like a remnant from the Jim Crow era is afoot; one that needs to be updated by eradication in South Carolina!
Some slow state; resistant to eradicate,
while latent lost labor legacy percolates
To this very day.
Therefore, I can’t delay

Any longer, when the current landlord is unreasonable and done a “180” on me.
I did nothing wrong to invite this. Time is of the essence with kick-out deadline looming on April 1, 2019. Too old, seasoned and good of a man to have to go out like this. Too bad I always seem to never have received the compensation my talents deserved, because if I had, nobody would be able to try and “handle” me like this now. No amount is too small.
Thank you.

**PickHit: Thanks to the South Carolina Human Affairs Commission, two local Councilmen and their Admin Assistants and The Urban League of Charleston I was able to buy additional time to move more comfortably. The new state I am in new is very strange and substandard in many ways, so South Carolina may see me again – permanently – if my First Time Home Buyer campaign at www.HomeFundIt.com is successful. [October, 2019]

SINCE November of 2009, when I began this literary exercise at the behest of a college buddy, I have been able to opine in relative obscurity, save when one would search the “About” page and as “obscure” as one can be on the worldwide web. That is about to change with this post. Life is a race against time and “time” always wins in the end.

Six months ago, in the late summer of 2016, as I was being “downsized” or forced out of the latest copier sales “telemarketing” gig by one small partner at NY Digital Products, I accepted an offer to work for what I thought was the company who helped me self publish my three books since 2010, CreateSpace in Charleston, South Carolina. By the time I arrived in Charleston, they switched me to the Kindle “ebook” training platform – that was the first bad omen.Fast-forward to Thanksgiving, 2016 when I was still living “Airbnb-style”, from host-to host, unable to find suitable and affordable housing in a nice, diverse neighborhood as I had in Nashville, Tennessee in the 2000s, I ended-up in a trailer park in Goose Creek, South Carolina and almost had a “Deliverance” (classic movie starring Burt Reynolds) experience until Airbnb saved the day and suggested several potential hosts, one of whom became the lady who felt my frustration and pain at having to move from place-to-place for many months and took me in. I paid her $600/month through the winter since November 25, 2016 for the room (shown on this profile). In February, 2017, her estranged husband returned to the house and the vibe changed gradually until he made it clear recently that the lady was not the owner of the house, HE is and he wanted to throw me out as I had finally been offered two jobs to get away from the Amazon Kindle gig which, unfortunately for me, did not work out, but left me behind on the money I was paying to his wife by five hundred, which he wanted immediately or I had to leave by force. The lady worked with me and I was giving her partial payments to catch up. He wanted “all or nothing” and it came to a head on Sunday, April 3, 2017 when he threatened to “remove [me]” and upon the advice of my Attorney, I called the police, who came and told him that “it doesn’t work like that”, he’d have to begin eviction proceedings. I do not want that outcome nor this drama and yet, nobody seems to be able to help me with a stable and consistent salaried job nor loan yet!! This is why I turn to my tried and true crowdfinding. I want to get out by April 30 so I can establish a base from which I can grow income from my creative callings and eventually apply for Social Security retirement. However, I cannot be forced into the streets and I want to give the lady who had stood by my side despite her husband, some money on my way to better days.
“Just last night she said about her husband, “Soon he’s going to put his foot down and you have to go…” I have no place to “GO”… [I remember that moment with hidden horror – 11.22.2017]
I need your donation today and no amount is too small. I can reward you with complimentary copies of my three books or an autographed DJ picture from my radio days. Maybe you can conjure a “perk” from me that would inspire you to donate massively? Just let me know. THIS…is an emergency. These are VERY nervous times for me. Please help.
Donate here Please Help Secure Me From Having to Try To Live In My Car

May all of your trails be smooth and full of the music you love,
“Cheetah” Naphtali Jimi B

PickkHiTT: I never thought that I would have to blog myself to stay solvent and off of the streets. Life’s a Bitch…

check out my musik-only blog at https://achilliadsmyvinylrecordshoppe.wordpress.com/

I was trying to raise, via crowdfunding on Crowdrise.com, or whatever means available, $20,000 to help Ukraine while exporting my fiancee, Nina and her ailing, elderly mama to the USA for better elder health care. Her Mama has passed away (June, 2015).
Things were on a fast track after our “Mind Your Heads” rendezvous (see other posts on this blog about that) recently in London, UK, and just when it looked like we could solidify our wedding plans and get Nina her USA visa, two new hurdles appeared: the Maiden revolution in Kiev, Ukraine and her elderly mama’s health taking a turn for the worse! If you have followed this blog for any time, then undoubtedly you know of our “Cafe` Skype” story…
Naphtali and Nina. If you are a newbie, welcome to our world!

her (Nina, my fiancee`) elderly mama was diagnosed with cancer, hemoglobin issues and a tumor. Nina is the only offspring. Her daddy passed away last year (2012) and I would like to be able to get her to the USA for better health care while assisting Ukraine freedom fighters and government in their struggle to fend-off Russia’s President Putin and his Hitleresque designs to deny Ukraine’s sovereignty. We need as much money as we can raise!

NOW…Due to recent events in Kiev and then Russia’s disrespect of the sovereignty of Crimea, things have changed… the crisis in her country deepened and I knew that I had to try to take some kind of action! First of all, their military defense needs financial help and we will donate part of what we raise here to them! Then on to those hospitalized and gunned-down during the Maidan protests in Kiev. Next, we will do a short documentary video (I am good at that, lol) to show the world why Ukraine matters (they used to have all the nuke missiles aimed at the USA, for-example).

Will the “west” stand-up to the latest “Hitler”-type, Putin, for Ukraine’s integrity or let Russian break it up like this? hideous redivision

So, What are you waiting for? You can donate online right now by going to our link and clicking the orange “DONATE to this fundraiser” button! It is easy and when you do, if you are not “anonymous”, you and your business will appear in the donor roll as a do-gooder, which is great publicity for you! Here is the NEW link https://www.crowdrise.com/adoptawar-affectedukrainianfamily/fundraiser/imijproduckshunz/setup_success/personal
You can also join our team to help me promote this fundraiser right on the Crowdrise page! It doesn’t get better than this to assist!

If you have questions, doubts or suggestions, then please use “comments” here to voice them or ask privately using the email address in the sidebar to the upper right. You can also contact us via our Crowdrise.com platform page (link above).

~ Naphtali
Pickhitt: How can we get this project in-front of those who actually have the money and desire to donate to it?

Ordinarily I’d be writing a “My Vinyl” post about my loved and dearly departed Donna Summer in this space. That will have to wait. I have every album she ever put out, from Casablanca to Geffen and the CDs recently reviewed by me for www.about.com/dancemusic.
That will have to wait because of what is at me personally, currently. What is most important is getting my fiancee`, Inna, over in Ukraine (Kiev) and me together. THAT is the compelling story of my life and times now and we are not ashamed about asking the world for help in bridging the Atlantic Ocean to be together. Once we are together, all will not be apocalypse 2012, so you better watch out! ( :
Meanwhile, please take our fun poll at my website, “What Is your Favorite Donna Summer Song?” <a href="<a href= Thanks to the twelve (12) brave souls who DID PLEDGE their hard-earned money to our Rock The Post project. I uncharacteristically tried to appease too many potential audiences by adding too many variables and it saddens me to sleep at night. Let THAT be a lesson to all of you copycats! I will see to it that you 12 receive your rewards soon as, and if I, do land upon my “cat’s paws”, thereby my luck changing for the Cheetah better. Как Инна научил меня писать, “Спасиб”.

My latest and on-going self-help-with-YOUR-help Project is described as ‘inspirational” most often thus far. THAT itself is flattering, humbling and reassuring. It “inspired” this article, which first appeared on the blog of the platform, “Rock The Post” and they’ve granted me permission to re-post it here on “Achilliad”. In my life, I’ve seemed to always have been the one who would take the leap first when others in my group were hesitant for whatever reason. This is a “Guest Post”.

In case you have never heard the word crowdfounding/crowdsourcing before I will briefly provide a little context. It is a collective cooperation of people who decide to pool their money and other resources together to support efforts on other people’s projects.

Now that that is out of the way, do you know someone that is buried under a pile of bills? Could this someone possibly be you? Were you ever dealt a bad hand and are now suffering the aftermath effects? Dying to start or finish on a new project but lack proper funds? If you answered yes to any of these questions, crowdfunding just might be your solution.

Take Jimi Bruce for example. Jimi, is a veteran DJ radio personality who unfortunately lost everything after corporate restructuring. After an extended period of unemployment that spanned for almost 2 years, he accumulated many expenses and took a loan that made his finances take a turn for the worst. The loan had a 27% interest, which he was unaware of at the time of obtaining it and due to that bad decision and lack of income for 2 years, he found himself in over his head and in need of help.

Twenty months back, Jimi met THE love of his life, Ina a woman from the Ukraine, but she was forced to leave the US because of visa issues. Ever since then, Jimi has wracked his brain to find a way over there to meet her family and bring her back to the States. Having to re-invent himself as a middle aged man, Jimi had to learn new skills like how to use the internet and has successfully taken the first steps of getting back on track by landing a Social Media Coordinator job for a weekly Nashville newspaper. Unfortunately the salary doesn’t pay the rent, but it is better than nothing.

Currently Jimi’s love, Inna, resides in Eastern Europe, which really complicates their relationship.

He has been trying to get a loan since January 4, 2012 and has good credit score in the mid-600s, but from his point of view living in Tennessee hampers him from getting approved.

As a last resort and alternative option, Jimi turned to fundraising on Rock The Post so he can purchase a ticket to go see Inna and repay his loan in order to start a new chapter. As he explains on his post, once he raises the funds he will be marrying Inna, and they will be helping other people and couples who have struggled through similar situations reach their dreams.

His Fiancee Inna even used all of her savings to help Jimi get his first U.S. passport. As Jimi cites “As a man, I MUST pay her back .”

The money that Jimi will be raising will be used to:

Pay-off $1.900 loan;
Collect his soul/teammate Inna from Kiev;
Close on a house for him and Inna;
Relocate with a new job offer so they can build their life together in SF or near NYC;
Build/install Jimi’s i-net radio/voice-over/penmanship & phonics education business.

Jimi Bruce is a good example of how the magic of crowdfunding works. At the moment he has raised USD$ 218 from the USD$ 7,000 he is seeking. However, crowdfunding can not only be applied to causes, but also to businesses and individuals that would like to partner up from a money or resource perspective. Rock The Post is a good example of how the community comes together in order to make a dream become a reality.

***Rock The Post www.rockthepost.com is powered as a business social network site, serving as a bridge between entrepreneurs and/or talented parties and funding parties in order to take simple projects to the next level. We are a communication platform for business partnerships to form, and to become a place where projects, dreams, and passions become reality.


by sherman sterling ,founder on February 24, 2012 at 11:38 pm
I do thank you for the crowdfunding link up

by Kiarie nyanjau on February 25, 2012 at 03:20 am
This cool Guys.

by Peter Rouse on February 25, 2012 at 08:38 am
Crowdfunding and Crowdlending are undoubtedly of huge potential benefit to individuals and micro businesses. Banks are not interested in such ‘business’. Equity based crowdfunding is in place in the UK (www.crowdcube.com) and will hopefully be so in the US before long. Crowdlending is also in place (www.zopa.co.uk for example) in the UK. There are new banking entrants as well such as http://www.civilisedmoney.com. We need a new and better way of doing capitalism and crowdfunding/lending is one way we can achieve this.

by Jimi Bruce on February 25, 2012 at 03:27 pm
I am blown-away with gratitude after reading this true and informative write-up over my afternoon tea. Thank You, Rock The Post! спасибо!

by Sarah Barton-King on February 25, 2012 at 04:12 pm
Bravo….at last. This is exactly what we require to move our small (and I mean small) businesses forward. Banks refuse to even allow a ‘bridging loan’ to enable one to literally move step by step up the ladder to success. I hope we can make this happen here, and who knows, with small amounts, we can each help the other in the bracket to move onwards and upwards. I do hope that if we do go this route, we all remember to reward our ‘friends’ for the help they are going to give to us. Sarah xxxxx

by Jason Scott on February 26, 2012 at 09:54 am
Thanks for the post. We are also looking into crowd funding for potential link ups from later to be successful businesses, musicians, and inventors. We have been making donations to Kiva.org, but they are straight donations for Karma.

by Jim Thomas on February 26, 2012 at 04:42 pm
I’m all for altruism and helping folks out but calling an electronic way to pass the hat “crowd-funding” is a news-seeking gimmick that just clouds the waters. It’s not “funding”–it’s donating. Yes, there is a world of potential in common folk doing what banks and traditional lenders won’t do, but there’s a difference between a model of capitalism and a model of charity. This story is one of the latter and thus, the latest in sensationalist ways to mischaracterize and misinterpret the power of emerging technology.

Jimi Bruce

by Jimi Bruce on February 27, 2012 at 05:06 pm
Hello, Mr. Thomas: I cannot sit idly by and let you rain upon my/our social funding/crowdfunding/crowdsourcing parade via semantics. One of the reasons that a man like me with youthful middle age, my health (so far thank the Creator) and a variety of useful experience gets marginalized to the edge of the abyss of indigence is that needless nit-picking and small-mindedness has gained in popularity for whatever reason, instead of us celebrating our commonalities. Look and see what other labels your words “donating ” and “charity” are in common with here: generosity, gift Synonyms: alms, alms-giving, assistance, benefaction, beneficence, contribution, dole, donation, endowment, fund, gifting, hand*, hand-out, helping hand, largesse, oblation, offering, philanthropy, relief, write-off . They are all what we all need in our lives: HELP.

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