The Indianapolis Colts football team should get fined by the league for trying NOT to win the GAME on Sunday!  If you take the horse off the whip down the stretch to “rest” him, most likely it will never get that momentum back again. Now the Colts can NOT win the Super Bowl or even get there, in my opinion. How can they try not to go undefeated?? It is like a reverse “fix” –  a let us not be as good as we can be mentality.

By the way I am a JET fan but this “win” is almost insulting like my fourteen year younger gay sister putting a penny in the Christmas card she sent me! [more on that in another post] How insulting is THAT!

This is yet another troubling trend within our society – and you know sports is a microcosim of our society – the over-use of “let us play it safe” mentality is ruining the romance, danger, excitement, come-togetherness and tradition of the human experience (at least in the USA). So:  Speak out!