I am still very glad Pres. Obama got me out of “voter retirement” last year, however, I am beginning to think that he is another one who will say many things to get elected, but not stick to his statements once in office.  The “honeymoon” is officially over with me, a “dove” who goes back to the Vietnam days.

Two cases in point:  He recently re-authorized the bloody Patriot Act, and his Afghanistan decision. 

I thought we went to Afghanistan to catch Bin Laden!  Now they never mention that “mission” anymore, and I didn’t hear Pres. Obama mention it at West Point last week either.  Could it be true that the Bush admin had him cornered back in 2002, and let him get away as a recent Senate report  has claimed?  That renewed mission would make much more sense to the average citizen than this retooled “give the Generals what they want” stuff.  Ever closer we are to making the same mistake as Russia,  eight years and trillions of dollars later.

It has been so long, that I’m afraid Bin Laden might live over here in the States by now, right under their noses!  Maybe he’s shaven off his beard and stuff and walks around like some businessman – who knows?

Things are not gettng better.  Mr. Obama, where is the change? Consistency is the key!  I really do still love to hear him speak, however – especially after too many years of Presidents with that annoying southern, confederate twang.

I wrote The President about a specific issue last March.  In September I received a reply – a form letter, and not once did it mention my specific area of concern.  The way things are going, the next thing we know, the President will bolt from the White House at 2:30 in the morning and crash his SUV into a nearby tree followed by First Lady Michelle, chasing with one of his golf clubs!!