In the local supermarket they started playing ‘let it snow, let it snow, let it snooow” before Thanksgiving! I had to get out of there asap.  Having never in my life seen so many good people have so many bad things happen to them in such a short period of time (including ME in the past six months), I wonder where is the true Christmas spirit this year and furthermore, why we have to be subjected to “Chestnuts Roasting On an Open Fire” and other purely Christmas EVE songs so far in advance on terrestrial radio stations and all  over the  place so soon.  You know that Madison Avenue has been thrusting Christmas upon us earlier and earlier for the last score of years, at least.  So why do we have to put up with this? It is at the point that these songs are meaningless by the time we get to “the big day”.  Call your neighborhood store; write to your legislators now for next year and petition them to lean on the advertisers and merchants to ease back off of the Christmas shopping accelerator pedal until the week or two just before December twenty-fifth so that we can get into the mood traditionally and naturally, and not because the shopaholics need their fix.  I heard a song on the radio say “it’s Christmas Eve …” tonight – it is only December 19th, dammit!  The Earth and it’s humans are truly off its axis in terms of this kwayzee music playlist.

yours truly,


Pickhit: why it doesn’t snow in Nashville, TN when it will snow all around the area and even in TX?  bcs it is located over the geographic center of HELL! LOL  This is one reason the natives of the city try to sell us on the “bible belt” moniker…The corporation I work for part-time isn’t having the annual Christmas party even though they are in “the black” financially…great for THIS employee’s moral eh?  NOTT.

pickhitt: Tiger Woods needs Tiger Balm – I heard Roger Clemens used to put it in his jock strap….