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This evening on the way to work and after doing my daily number “research” to plug into my intuitive trends, I pulled into my “lucky” gas station with the state lottery machine to play the results of my analysis. Since most of the attendants at these places in the town I live in are ‘middle eastern” guys, this time I figured that I would make it easy on them by writing the two three-number combos I wanted to play for this evening’s drawing down on a post-it note so that I could hand it to him and there be as little confusion as possible. They always act as if they don’t really understand me, and my English is pretty perfect, mind you.  So I hand the guy my plays as we have polite conversation. One of the numbers I wrote down was “664”, and the other is a secret and not for this post. Well as I drove off, I noticed that he put in “667”, not what I had written.  Had I checked the tickets while  in the mini-mart, I would have probably corrected him, but since I was already in the car and drivinig off the property, I rationalized it that “667” might just as well “hit” as “664” so what the heck, and went to work. Five hours later, and uncharacteristically for me since I usually wait until morning to check my number plays, I went to the state lottery’s website to check before I left work. Damn it if “664” didn’t come out! It DID. I was so freaking pissed-off (an still am to a degree), but who can I be angry at? Myself for not going back to correct his mistake? Well a bit, however if his mistake, “667” , had come out, I’d have been praising this Arab dute and my letting it BE. I think the lesson here is, get the fill-in-the boxes tickets – lots of them –  and just make these foreigners let the machine do the swiping from now on. The less they have to think, interpert or interact with us true Americans, the less control they have over the results of our lucky intuitive actions. That lesson cost me $500 tonight; needed bill-paying money. So I guess I’m due an even larger “hit” real soon, doggone it.  There oughta be a more stringent English comprehension requirement, and English should be mandatory, by the way.  ‘Makes me think of these telephone customer service prompts that now have a Spanish component to them.  How long before we have to wait five minutes while the voice-computer prompter goes through all of the possible languages that a caller might speak United Nations interpreter-style?  This is America!  English Only!!

I have a chapter in my book manuscript called “the End of Common Sense” that I cannot seem to put to bed because people keep doing stupid things that compel me to add to it.  There was a time, fairly recently ago, when if you crashed a party it would be enough for you and your buddies to relish in the quiet thrill of having snuck into a place where you should have had to pay.  So since when do people sneak into – of all places – a party at the most famous white house in the world and then brag about it on places like the hideous Facebook and all over the world?  What are these two shameless people smoking? I don’t want any part of it.  Now they have legal problems that could have been avoided, the media is reporting it, but not speaking to the greater lesson here and greater danger,  specifically: this could have been a John Wilkes Booth situation!  The news media need to spell this out for all of the lame brains suddenly among us traditional thinkers who don’t even know the correlation or why this is a story.  I’m not going to get into the obvious fumbling of the “ball” by the Secret Service because when I do that, I begin to think about inside job conspiracies against the first black man to be President, and I don’t really want to go there even though we creative thinkers with a sense of American history cannot help it.

I think that the “reality TV” mindset, just like “political correctness” should be outlawed in theory.  Call a spade a spade if you will, and stop enabling deviant behavior by children and adults in the name of some mythical stardom and paydays to be on TV for a snippet.  They say that a camera crew was following this couple into the state dinner.  The Producer should be charged then as well.  As my former girlfriend used to say, “stop the madness!” LOL

Tiger woods races out of his driveway at two-thirty in the morning but doesn’t make it all the way; instead a tree and a fire hydrant in his neighbor’s yard got in the way. He has to go to the hospital and now he is stonewalling with the silent treatment.   What is wrong with this picture? Reports say “no alcohol was involved”. Well how about pills?  This might be another developing Michael Jackson situation – or does O.J. Simpson come to mind? It does to me!  Beautiful, spoiled wife and family – what really goes on in the mansion, hmmm?  Tiger should have to marry the ugliest, fat, greasy Negro-chittlin’ wench anybody can find and stay with her forever.

Many competitive professional athletes seem to have this Jeckyl/Hyde personality that sometimes takes control within domestic situations, in my humble opinion.  I have long been a sports fan and have noticed this.  It must be difficult for a footballer to come off the field and turn off the switch  of aggressive “play”.  Just last week, the great hosts of the ESPN show PTI were musing about Tiger’s ‘bad temper” and potty mouth because apparently he drops “F-bombs” on a regular basis within easy earshot of spectators that come to see the golf matches he plays in.  I guess we just got validation on that bit of gossip! LOL  This is why I think that many of these guys should just remain bachelors for as long as they can.  Sooner or later a family  “situation” is bound to present itself in which the wife may not exactly calm the savage beast within her million dollar hubby, and he might feel the need to race out of the house in the middle of the night for some “milk”.

Finally, I am a basically sad puppy this holiday weekend.  It hurts when you see others with someone and you have NO special one.  It hurts even more knowing that my last Thanksgiving weekend was- well – the best one in I can remember in my adult life because of the international lady who was my girlfriend at that time.  I thought it would last at least another year – or ten…Walking amongst the growing holiday cheer, I am in  the “alone zone” seemingly outside of the mainstream; the hole in my soul and heart leading to the black hole known as “limbo”.  It feels a little better just having touched upon it here, and maybe one day I’ll delve into the mysterious details that surround our parting of the ways.


In 2008, I got so desperate for a female in my life, and Russian women in particular (after working with a few of them at a nightclub and feeling their intelligent, mysterious hotness) that i posted an advert for one on Craig’s List.  It was an experiement and I still can’t believe I did that, but it was just a lark at the time and I didn’t know WHAT to realistically expect in the way of replies.  indeed a woman who didn’t exactly fit my parameters as stated in the article (that she be in the USA two yearas or less) responded and challenged my specifications, leading me to become intrigued by her sass and turned-on by her pseudo-verbal combativeness.  Yes, we did the email tip-toe, the internet photo sharing, and then met for the first time on a not-so-blind date, twenty-first century style! We kissed like long-lost lovers on that first date; me sharing my favorite place for dinner, she taking me to her favorite haunt for the same. 

I didn’t start this post out with chronicling that relationship and it’s sudden end after a year of harmony, memories and culture-sharing amoure in mind.  That is a topic for in-depth analysis on another night.  My initial thought was about Poverty Consciousness and how through this time, MY reply to a CL posting in the “women for men” section of the personals, I began to communicate with a deeply psychological and slightly judgementally preachy “female” – you never know even if they send you pictures, who is really behind the words.  I think “she” might have even been a shrink, for as we corresponded for all of three weeks I think,  last month, she took to analyzing my words.  Yes, she probably was indeed a “she” after all, we did exchange numbers and she called me back a couple of times and didn’t sound like she was reading a script – having been a voice-over artist, I can tell when someone is reading something like that.  She had a lovely, soothing voice.

She told me one time after we had first talked on the phone, that I had “Poverty Consciousness”.  When I read that the next day, I didn’t know whether to be insulted or ashamed.  I thought this chick,  who had seen a picture I sent to her in exchange for hers was making a value or ethnicly stereotypical judgement based upon how I looked.  However, it was deeper than that.  Being one not to dismiss new concepts out of hand, I decided to the phrase, and sure enough came across articles about it and definitions!  I replied to her assertion that she was sure that I knew what “poverty consciousness” was that I truly had never heard of it before.  When I came back with information that I researched on the subject, the debate between us was joined and I learned something else.

You might say that I have learned a lot from two “strange” women and two internet personals.  Still, people think I’m crazy when I say that I met the Russian chick on Craigs’s List.  I think it was an amusing story and that we made an interesting looking and sounding couple; the “psychiatrist” babe has some subliminal issues she didn’t disclose and soon became bored with the discourse while revealing very little of herself when I pulled-back in kind.  She left open the possibility of goiing out dancing – but it cannot be a DJ, it has to be a band.  See what I mean?

Meanwhile, I printed and re-read the article I found about ending “Poverty Consciousness” – especially the part about  it being reinforced through negative bemoanings by our forefathers and genes; and it is working so far!

Testing the H2O


Many who claim to “really know” [me] have suggested I do this “blog thing”  for quite some time now.  Well, maybe it has taken some incredibly challenging ‘luck’ and the wolves gathering at my door for me to finally know I have nothing left to lose privacy wise,  and maybe everything to gain by heeding the advice of those who are my steadfast friends, and commence yet another literary journey.  I am scared, because I know not where it will lead both you and me.

Upon the eve of this, the day of my Mother’s eighty-fifth birthday, Comcast disconnected my telephone because THEY didn’t credit my recent payments this month.  Yet, they cannot restore it until I give them yet another fifty dollars…They said that it was a “technical problem” and so I requested a “service call”…the Tech guy came to my door this afternoon, when I opened it, he demanded over three-hundred dollars before he would even look at my modem.  It sounded like a bribe invitation or the lonesharking I grew up hearing about that took place along the northern New Jersey docks.

Nice way to begin Thanksgiving week, huh?  My career and life began with so much promise and high hopes…now in my mid fifties, my star seems to be falling exponentially. I often wonder is this my cue to “exit, stage left”, as cartoon’s Snagglepuss used to say during my boyhood days?

How to write a desperate letter to a corporate media company: Well folks…this is getting more and more hopeless for me, who lives alone and with the holidays approaching, the apparent inflexibility of Comcast is causing a DOMINO effect upon my hideous life.

A tech guy from Comcast just left here after coming and saying he needed three hundred dollars cash in order to turn my phone back on. It sounded like he asked for a BRIBE!! It would be funny if not so tragic here as Thanksgiving approaches.

PLEASE forward this message to the highest levels of your company in an effort for flexibility on my telephone line being back on… If my service is “scheduled to be disconnected” on Monday November 30th…then that should be the amount of TIME I have to have ALL of my service working!!
been getting sales! It is commission ONLY and we get paid ONCE a month with my first check to arrive around December 2nd, so I would need at LEAST til December second to be able to bring some bill payment around to your Mainstream Drive, Nashville office.

I have been a customer of theirs for EIGHT years in some way, shape or form…and I always hated these “bundle” packages for JUST this reason. NEVER do the “bundle” unless you are a millionaire!

So what is eating at you these days?

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

“Hello. I am kind of shy until I get to know you – and very private as well.”  Feel free to comment or discuss.

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