My friend called him “a dumbass and greedy…It’s really a shame.” 

“LIFE” seems to be a dumbass nowadays…I don’t know what to make of it anymore….There was a Hip Hop song back in the mid-nineties called “PO, Broke and Lonely”…”Twisted?”  Appropriate here as 2009 thankfully draws to a close.  But will anything change in the “twenty-ten”?  I can’t see it.

Those who  have  make stupid decisions with it (Tiger Woods)…those of us who don’t are left rocking, awash  in a sinking life boat. 

Pickhits:  The following empty statements these days are annoying like, “It IS what it IS”…what the hell does that mean?  IS “it” supposed to make me feel better??  “I will pray for you” – implies that something is wrong with me.  Suppose I don’t believe in the ghost of “prayer”?  Prayer is what humans do when they are whistling in the dark and scared to death;  because we have the largest brains of any species on Earth, we can rationalize our fears thusly. To me actions speak louder than words – always have; intercession is nice as a concept, however.  “Have faith”, they tell me.  “In what and for how long?” I reply.  In the ghost again?  Well, here  is a statement that is timeless and true: “seeing is believing”. 

Pickhit: “Don’t feel bad, everybody’s in the same boat these days…”  again doesn’t make one feel any better , especially if that boat is taking on water.  Maybe it is time we get out of the boat, and take it to the streets again.

James Brown sang: “Now Brotha don’t… leeeeeeave, the homework undone…”