‘Twas the night before broke Christmas,

When all through my house,

The wind was a’howling.

Rain threatening my spirit to douse.

I prayed to the Creator to increase my doling;

Then to sleep I nodded

My on TV me watching.

When suddenly I heard outside a sound,

Like my pocket’s loose change

I thought it was my piggy bank!

As I made my way to the window

A guy who looked like Scrooge I saw.

Then a bunch of dead presidents letting out guffaws.

On Franklin! On McKinley! On Cleveland and Grant!

This crusty old geezer went on to rant;

When next I knew awoke on Christmas morn,

I found a Pick Five lotto ticket all tattered and torn.

Piecing it together with Scotch tape,

I found I had five numbers and was briefly filled with glee;

Only to learn it was only worth eight dollars.

I had two numbers on one game,

Then on the other game I had three.

That is how small the payouts are

This end of year for me.

(from “Sad Face King”- tbp)