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I had a bar customer who comitted suicide rather than pay what he thought to be an unjust child support bill about ten years ago.  I still remember him crying at my bar over his favorite drink, a “red snapper”…I thought of Gene today as I heard a gay marriage story on the news.

Suppose there was a “gay tax” or “Gay Support” like there is “child support”?  If a consenting partner suddenly could tell “the authorities” that you made them orgasm when you rubbed them as a gay person “contacts” the object of their desire…or whatever they do.  How would a person of that persuasion feel if “the Man” (i.e. gov’t) could then “calculate” how much that touching  and subsequent “climax” cost our society, and then set up an arbitrary, punitive system in order to compel or criminalize that law and resulting circumstances, especially when you were not trying to MAKE them orgasm at ALL???  Then collect an unjust tax visa v that calculation.  And… even when one would explain that it was only a one-time or accidental rub for mutual fun that the other person took too far, NO judge would believe you because of the role you are supposedly playing in the contacting, and that the other party would get off scott-free while the innocent “flirter” party’s reputation and earning potential is ruined forever!!  I have a female sibling many years my junior who is lesbian, but now in her forties, very mean, judgemental with a chip on her shoulder and manipulating.  I’m no expert on such affairs, it is my own opinion I give here….something has got to change.  I think she ‘became’ that way to get back at my parents for something she perceives they “did” to her. Prob bcs she found out mother wanted to abort her.

male contra

Pickhit: why hasn’t our brilliant world scientific community ever invented a Male contraceptive pill?  Is the answer that maybe because it would diffuse the “abortion debate”?

Hmmmm…..nuff said.

This evening on the way to work and after doing my daily number “research” to plug into my intuitive trends, I pulled into my “lucky” gas station with the state lottery machine to play the results of my analysis. Since most of the attendants at these places in the town I live in are ‘middle eastern” guys, this time I figured that I would make it easy on them by writing the two three-number combos I wanted to play for this evening’s drawing down on a post-it note so that I could hand it to him and there be as little confusion as possible. They always act as if they don’t really understand me, and my English is pretty perfect, mind you.  So I hand the guy my plays as we have polite conversation. One of the numbers I wrote down was “664”, and the other is a secret and not for this post. Well as I drove off, I noticed that he put in “667”, not what I had written.  Had I checked the tickets while  in the mini-mart, I would have probably corrected him, but since I was already in the car and drivinig off the property, I rationalized it that “667” might just as well “hit” as “664” so what the heck, and went to work. Five hours later, and uncharacteristically for me since I usually wait until morning to check my number plays, I went to the state lottery’s website to check before I left work. Damn it if “664” didn’t come out! It DID. I was so freaking pissed-off (an still am to a degree), but who can I be angry at? Myself for not going back to correct his mistake? Well a bit, however if his mistake, “667” , had come out, I’d have been praising this Arab dute and my letting it BE. I think the lesson here is, get the fill-in-the boxes tickets – lots of them –  and just make these foreigners let the machine do the swiping from now on. The less they have to think, interpert or interact with us true Americans, the less control they have over the results of our lucky intuitive actions. That lesson cost me $500 tonight; needed bill-paying money. So I guess I’m due an even larger “hit” real soon, doggone it.  There oughta be a more stringent English comprehension requirement, and English should be mandatory, by the way.  ‘Makes me think of these telephone customer service prompts that now have a Spanish component to them.  How long before we have to wait five minutes while the voice-computer prompter goes through all of the possible languages that a caller might speak United Nations interpreter-style?  This is America!  English Only!!

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