A loyal, interesting Black (not “African” – there is a huge difference, IMO) American man who always has a song in mind;  Blogging here since November 2009!

Why the name, “Achilliad”? Review Homer’s classic “The Iliad” for insights.

You can purchase and read all of my my latest books like,”During Our Lovemaking Session”, “My GOD!…U Practical Joker”, “Ukraine, Through The Eyes of an American Dreadlock Brain”, my 1st memoir book, “H.I.M.” (click the covers located below on the right), or my first collection of original poetry, 2010’s “Sad Face King” (lower on the right sidebar), for more.

I suppose my biggest moment in life and “claim to fame” was getting hired by the late legendary radio Programmer, Frankie Crocker, as a radio personality on WBLS-FM 107.5 FM radio in New York City back in 1984. My second-largest moment was the first time I saw Inna, the best magnanimous Slavic lady – who found me via a dating site – on Skype in real time! Inspired to keep on when I wanted to end it all, by her, who saved me in 2010. A few years thereafter, she vanished, never to be heard from again.  The “hits” just keep on coming.

Now what? (“Seechas Shto?” in Russian)

I stopped looking for “the one” for quite a while…

I proudly wear a sarcastic wit, worldly sense of humor and sometimes sardonic smirk. I teach to reach and if you don’t want to be taught, no worries – I walk on…

(time to remember that people make “laws” not robots and PEOPLE can be flexible).  

**The late William Safire thrilled me (almost) like having sex when he responded to my letter to him at the New York Times Magazine, describing me as a “Lexicographic Irregular“! (maybe you have to be an English major to understand, lol)

**SO Many things aren’t  as we were taught to believe they would be when we “grew up”.    “It is a damn shame” as my ole barber (pre-dreadlocks), Eddie Skinner, would say.

“…climbing from a financial downward spiral is like trying to escape the downdraft of water when you flush the toilet bowl!” – The TidyBowl Man (date unknown)

Hire me! I have many creative talents! Video production, English Tutor, writing, music knowledge, audio production, vocabulary improvement, Disc Jockey for parties and cooking, to name a few.

Thank you! Благодарите Вас!

“Open minds,

move thru time.

No more generations -gaps.

Let brains be free,

if only future see,

Freedom of choice is key.

What all need..

2 Bee.”

~ Me “Jimi B”