Here is one my former Editor at chose to have me write but didn’t publish after he got cold feet after six years.  It has hung-out on my machine since early 2011.  Nina recently asked me to write about more “new” music, so here is something newER than my “My Vinyl” series (that she’ll soon see the value of first-hand, I pray) :- j

Detroit Grand Pubahs

The DGPs don’t take themselves too seriously and the fact that they could be perceived as a novelty act doesn’t bother them either. Any hint of that kind of caring wore-off three full-length albums ago and they keep on creating. Therefore, “Madd Circus” [Delete Funk – DETELE 016CD] comes to us as not your father’s Detroit sound, but more a gregarious, sometime campy on-purpose collection of electronica, funk, rock and R&B.

Tongue-in-cheek verses or no verses at all can only be described in self-deprecatingly honest terms, and much of this reminds me of the results of my own middle-of-the-night screwing around in my home studio, just freaking-off on the microphone making up my own dirty lyrics to standard fare or any random instrumental track.  Witness cut seven, “Much Better” which is over seven minutes of “Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah/Whatz up, Whatz up, Whatz up…” over an anonymous electronic outer space noise that begins with an irksome sound akin to when you plug the wrong RCA plug into the right jack on your component system. “Autotragik”, cut two, conjures Kraftwerk gone “madd”.

No Hoes In My Studio” is another funny one that makes you go, “Who are these guys?” It isn’t much of song, but a chant/rant.. I love the satire of “Breakfast In Bed” because it takes me back to the era when cats like Johnny Bristol (“Hang On In There, Baby” 1974) and Barry White were crooning about sexual situations, and meaning it. “There’s No Need to get Out of Bed, cause the buffet is right here (my dear)”, they charm.

Down the stretch from cuts thirteen to eighteen, the fare becomes an annoying Madd Circus of sound and randomness, although I really do like the energy of the title track and of “Clone Mobile (1Gets in 9 Get Out)” which reminds me of Dennis Coffey’s “Scorpio” in overdrive.

Messrs Paris The Black Fu and “O” are all over the place on this album and exhibit eccentricities far beyond those of mortal entertainers, and the frankness of their verses or rhymes – if you will – might take some aback as heard on track twelve, “If its gonna be that kind of party, then I’m gonna stick my dick in the mashed potatoes!” which features Domgue` & Mitch Marcus – whoever they are, I couldn’t find out anything about them.

I love that video.  The DPGs have a wide, opinionated, varied, scandalous and humorous collection of ideas in their own inimitable Pubah style. I have the feeling that this will sell given the attraction to over-the-top weirdness that our times are experiencing, so how about this, a pay-it-safe three lofty, haughty motor city stars. Do you like it? Tell us in “comments” section below! Thanks.