Roger Goodell’s NFL  is for “sissies” or maybe my little sister (when she was “little”) and today he provided more evidence of this by postponing the Sunday night NBC game of the week between the Minnesota Vikings and host Philadelphia Eagles.  What a wimp and dangerous precedent!  Maybe it is another part of the curse of the Farve who stayed too long, because these days when the Vikings are involved, there is always some drama.  That is one reason I wanted to unwrap this game from among my Xmas presents.  Cheer denied.  I wanted to see Michael Vick, the human snowball!

Part of the charm of the NFL and football as a game is that there were never rain-outs nor any kind of postponement due to weather.  These guys get paid a king’s ransom and perform in any kind of weather – until Goodell took over as the “commissioner”.  I think he got off at the wrong exit on the way to his job interview; he was looking for the Nanny Fairy League offices.

So, thanks to their decision to postpone the game for not one, but two days because of a snow storm,  they shortened our holiday weekend considerably, and I personally was looking forward to relaxing on my futon, beverage in-hand, and milking the last few hours of the 2010 Christmas holiday weekend.  Many people are even off on Monday, yet Mr. Goodell is playing Ebenezer Scrooge and taking a gift of a game from under our Christmas tree. 

In October he had the players wearing pink accessories like ballerinas, and now he is telling them they are not tough enough nor the fans brave enough to play in the snow for the first time in my recollection of watching this sport which goes back to the 1960s.  This definitely is not “your father’s NFL”, nor now is it my NFL either!  I feel for the players who get themselves all practiced and psyched-up to play, traveling (in Minnesota’s case) to be  in-position to compete and win, only to have GODdell tell them they cannot at the last-minute.  Many of these guys played in the snow all through their amateur career in-preparation for the “pros”, and this decision is just ridiculous.  What do you think?  Do we need a nanny state in sports too?  I think Mr. Roger should resign, and all of those who cite “public safety” as a concern should be voted out of office.  We need a tough guy as the head of the National Football League; Pete Rozelle was in the background much more, and I love him for being that way. I nominate the NFL’s Roger Goodell and whatever co-conspirators in the city of Philadelphia who are also Nannies as 2010 Holiday Scrooge of the Year.  Stop protecting us from yourselves!

P.S. I never thought Michael Vick would make a blog post of mine. It just goes to show you, as my girlfriend overseas and I always say, “never say ‘never'”.

P.P.S.  Having watched the “game” this late Tuesday night I say this: As a NY Jets fan for decades,, GOD-ELL made a really bad call, which affected the outcome of the Philly/Minnesota game . In effect  he “fixed” the game in favor of Minnesota and should resign.  What a bad example to set as a Nanny!
You must know that Michael Vick would have juked the Viking defense all over the place in the snow, on Sunday night! Instead, Roger the Dodger and his cronies in Philly as co-conspirators, chose to impersonate Mother Nature and throw the game…A damned shame.