Alright…that was amusing, but now it’s time to stop.  Not funny now;  It doesn’t need to rain anymore until JUNE ( and  that may be too soon) in the center of Tennessee; whoever you are, stop doing your rain dance; bring back the drought! LOL  Just when I had transplanted my tomato plant seedlings from the indoor pot to my outdoor planter “box” as my former g/f used to call it, here comes precipitation like I’ve never seen since I’ve visited Nashville during the past decade – or anywhere for that matter – to probably wash them away. “Nice.”  It was like, “can it rain any harder?”  The answer was “Yes!, Gladly!” from Mother Nature. 

 Good thing I stay atop a hill!  Drove down to get supplies last night, turned right and noticed what I thought was a traffic accident at first.  As I drove closer to my next left turn,  there just past the “fairgrounds” a big swimming pool had formed with cars in it.  In nine years, never seen  that  before.  At just over a mile from our driveway, there was debris in the street near the Coca Cola plant and we were diverted into Berry Hill via detour.  It looked like bricks or cement chunks were in the roadway or may that little bridge over the usually trickling creek had somehow come undone.  No tall building from which “bricks” could fall there.  Today, coming over the tracks from the other direction, that dip in the road was now a swimming pool as well…with a police car standing vigil over a car that had traversed too far into it and now I could only see its hood.  Even Kroger was closed on Sunday!!  Kroger only closes on Christmas, and maybe one other holiday in the Autumn, if then!! And even the tobacco/beer/lottery stores manned by the Middle Eastern guys were shuttered, and they are open ALL the time!

Here is a link to a collage of flood photos downtown, only three miles north of where I stay:

I saw telephone poles that had snapped and trees down.  The local electric company crews were out and about; very few “civilian” drivers were.  Every dip in the road is now a basin of H2O.  I was up pretty late last (Saturday) night, but must have dreamt through the windy histrionics.  “Was there a small tornado?” I thought, as I drove past the cemetary parallel to the interstate 440.  My condolences to those related to any who perished during this weather, and it was reall “smart” of that eighteen wheeler driver to plow through the flooded highway and create a “wake” of waves that made those stranded cars – some with people in them – bob up and down like little buoys or toy cars in the bathtub.  Geez…

Until a week ago I DJ’d at a bar right next to this place in the video above!  Jah love for true!!

The only benefit of all this flooding was that those nuisance  freight trains apparently stopped running Saturday night into all the day Sunday, May 2, 2010 and that sound we didn’t hear was the sweetest music our ears could not hear – no rumbling, shaking, heavy crashing sounds or morosely moaning/wailing horns at the crossings as I guess it even flooded down in the railroad track gully!  That’s what they get for not having passenger rail service in Nashville, so there CSX!   Maybe Nashville has sunk a bit over the past decade – or nature is getting more and more extreme due to the changes that humans have caused to the atmosphere and climates.  Good thing my Parisian landscaper, “Moe De Lawn” visited before sunset Friday afternoon – I’m sure he is still stuck in “the middle” and will be needed again by the week’s end.  “Mayday” indeed.  As I write this, it is errily still and saturated outside…no wind…just the still of the soggy Nashville night.