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**Thank U WordPress! JUST when I was thinking about giving up this waste of my time for no pay, you give me encouragement! lol I guess the skinny kid’s done good for a change, eh? Now I have to come up with some more stuff!  As for 2010 personally?  A wide range of emotions and events, from the FLOODS here… my newest true friend, Rodney Irvin suddenly dying at only 45 yrs old…getting suddenly terminated by citadel radio…meeting my true soulmate via overseas online site I posted a profile to…discovering Skype(!)…going on freakin’  food stamps for a while…doin’ the “man Friday” thing…finally publishing my first poetry book…holding eviction at-bay (for now at least)…litigating and end to a nightmare albatross (as soon as my advocate receives the receipt)…and words written…so MANY words…Thank you again for the stats and encouragement that I will try to live up to, humbly and with an eye towards coaching us all UP and not dumbing us further down.  Happy New Year! I pray, may I finally get some needed $$ in early 2011 so I can get my documents to go overseas to connect with my soon-to-be beautiful inside and out, “other half” and continue to create and increase awareness that clean water will be the next “oil crisis” unless we pay strict attention to insuring that it says that way.

Is it only me? , but isn’t this international wikileaks guy, Julian Assange,  just a traitor on  the magnitude of all-time traitors like Benedict Arnold?  I don’t know about you, however, I value loyalty as paramount to any quality within a family or shared entity and endeavor.  This guy should be hung from the nearest gallows.  What does he hope to accomplish?  He reminds me of my younger sister, who is from a generation so clueless that they never learned  the concept of loyalty.

As soon as I heard of “Wikileaks” I thought “traitor” and “treason”. Why isn’t there an outcry now?  Is being a traitor now not so bad?  Yes! Because the US society has encouraged betrayal ever since the late Senator Daniel Patrick Monyihan introduced a bill that established states to enforce a thing they like to call “child support”,  based upon a woman betraying a former lover to achieve financial gain for herself and the state. It is just one example of the Benedict Arnold syndrome.  This Wikileaks guy…what does he hope to gain?  Does he hate the USA so much that his style of terrorism is to let loose bullshit secrets with the hopes of starting more chaos? Does this cat crave headlines from Australia to the point that he is jealous of not being in Hollywood?

  1. To Mister Assange, I say, “You faggot son of a bitch! I wish you were in The Godfather movie! You’d be wacked. in lieu of that scenario,  As if we collectively needed some more drama to try and take our minds away from the loving and creative constructiveness that will bring us together!  You selfish bastard…please go away,  and betray yourself upon yourself forevermore!  Then wipe yourself off, and leave the rest of us, with our state secrets and longstanding spy versus spy protocols, intact because they work to keep our diverse diplomacies together. 
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