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It’s about TIME!! I scarcely want to believe it; this is a time I want to SEE a dead body on the video that looks like this demon. Not liking to cheer death of any person, but with what he has spewed, this dude  had it coming and we were never going to see a “jury trial”  Guantanamo Bay-style. In Pakistan, eh?  I knew he was ther all the time!!  I remember being on the radio here, having just moved six months prior.  Nobody felt my emotions like I felt the hurt at my beloved twin towers of the World Trade Center (I like architecture, ok?) being violated and imploding to the ground here  like I did.  I was angry at the locals for that; the new people I worked for said tom me, “Oh, It’s just a building…”  Oh yes they DID.

I didn’t even want to do my radio show that night because I wanted to be back home and share the trauma.  Maybe it is good I didn’t breath that air, given my genetic lung makeup, but I wanted to stand with my friends in Manhattan and the boroughs of New York City.  I couldn’t bow-out in the face of such uncaring callousness from my new boss, but I did a trimmed-down show…”The Pajama Bar” was “closed” and I tried to even open-up the phones for callers.  I got some real empathetic ones from a few here in what was then my new southeastern city, not as many as I desired, but it worked long enough for me to fulfill my performance committment and get back to my cribola.

I wrote a poem about those Bin Laden led attacks that I read on the air a few days later.  I cannot find them right now, but the news of Osama Bin Laden’s death, which I called for on the radio, will make me try to find them again and post them within this blog.  I remember that I called the Muhammad Atta gang the worst “faggots and cowards”, and a few more choice analogous words, and that I got phone calls about the poems after I read them live. Why didn’t they just step-up and fight us face-to-face?  It was a throw-back to my spontaneous college radio days when, filled with venom and hate for those who held us back because of our skin color, I would launch into poetic tirades in-between the music.  I remember bringing in all of my old anti-war protest jams from thirty years prior in the days to follow, like this one:

 The attacks of September 11, 2001 were a similar affront to the moral cohesiveness of our society at that juncture.  Since then, we have disintegrated into less than all that we can be since those Bin Laden-led attacks, keeping our collective heads in the sand, three monkeys-style, when we hear home-grown hate on the FCC-regulated airwaves.  I hope that now, as we stay vigilant for reprisals (his lieutenant, Ayman al-Zawahri is still lurking someplace), that this American society and all the people on this planet Earth can renew its committment to fairness, justice, respect and peaceful coexistence for us all.  Maybe our gasoline prices will drop for a bit now,

And… hopefully we can, as Freda Payne sang, “Bring The Boys HOME”Geez...   


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  Today, on this forty-seventh anniversary of President Kennedy’s Dallas assassination, I heard confirmation of what I’ve always felt about the present “war”, and that is that these lunatics who try to send bombs on airplanes from places like Yemen are crazy like the fox, and not just interested in maiming people.  Their wins are coming in the financial arena.  They aim to break the bank of “the west”, especially the United States and are succeeding with every expensive adjustment we make, and every day we pour billions into Afghanistan.

It is amazing to me that our government doesn’t seem to notice this, nor want to correct it.  “AQAP” or Al-Qaidas in the Arab Peninsula, is winning the war every time they make us change our free society way of life and take money out of our coffers that could be used to improve our lives, create employment or for medical research, etc.  And housing those clown in Guantanamo only hardened them against the U.S. – hardly rocket science to draw that conclusion, and I said it when the Bush Administration set that whole camp up.  Counterproductive to put it mildly, and all of those weirdos who don’t mind dying for a fantasy want to get some payback now more than ever after we ship them back over there to conspire with their brethren.  It was just plain stupid to create and exacerbate that situation like that.  Pertinent reading here: http://www.npr.org/2010/11/18/131423965/for-yemen-terrorists-targeting-u-s-it-s-personal

It is as if none of our leaders ever read a story that I read as a child back in the late 1960s; The Trojan Horse,

 or studied any of the lessons contained within the tale – not just physically does it still apply, it applies to the methods and mindset of these enemies.  When will we stand firm like I heard this country did against the Japanese in WWII following the Pearl Harbor attacks?  The  al-qaidas of the world have a similar mindset to the Japanese kamikaze pilots, and I don’t recall the US changing its lifestyle by not, say, walking outside for fear that a pilot might crash his plane down upon you.  Wouldn’t it be ironic if we were the ones who have to “nuke” somebody like these terrorists long before Iran or North Korea have the ability to do so? We would if I were the first real Black American President, because they are bragging about it, “naa, na, na, na, naaaa” style.  

If I had to fly this week – I wouldn’t, but when I do again, I’ll reluctantly opt for the scanner so those closet homos on the TSA staff can get their cheap thrill off my limp bisket – until our “leaders” stand-up to the cowardly bombing bastards, and for our free way of life again.  How do you see it?  Do you remember where you were when you heard the news of JFK’s assassination?

Now…let’s Dance to “Feel Up”! 

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