ONE of the great things about my girlfriend, Inna, over in Kiev, is that we talk about everything on Skype , in snail-mail letters, the telephone and e-mails.  I really “can’t wait” to be in the same physical space with her again!  These topics include perceived stereotypes, from “all Russians drink vodka and eat rabbit, to all Black Americans eat fried chicken“. lol   (Actually, I’d never heard the one about Russians and Rabbit eating) We both appreciate fine cuisine and that food-sharing overcomes borders and boundaries.

Recently on NPR’s “Jazz Profiles”, Nancy Wilson told of the Jazz great, Count Basie, and how, because of racial segregation in the “united” States, back in the middle of the twentieth century, the band was often broke and hungry. On one such occasion, they made their way without getting paid for a gig from Philadelphia over the river east into Camden, New Jersey where, at a pool hall, an owner dropped some rabbit into a big bin and created a stew to feed the band.  I related this story to Inna on our Fourth of July Skype date, and she has responded with her second guest cooking post for this blog! What a girl!  (I also like that she contributes to and not detract from the discourse.  What a motivating factor!) So,  “Oh boye”…I’ve heard about this, but never tasted it, “Rabbit”!  I wonder if my sensitive digestive system would be allergic to….Rabbit….I guess we will find-out soon enough when I go over to visit her.  It must have given her the idea to share this specialty, so she sent this recipe for us to ponder, savor and try:

Have YOU ever eaten Rabbit? If so, please describe it.  If not, would you try it?

“Ummmmmm”, looks great!  Thanks/Спасибо!, Honey!

“Bon Appetite!”

Inna waves, “Enjoy the rabbit!”