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“…Jameson’s Irish, that is”… is what this t-shirt, that I somehow lost along the way, said.  I bet I left it up in my old room at Mum’s house upon one visit, and instead of her washing it or leaving it alone in the corner until the next time I came back, she threw it OUT!!  “Arrrgh!” You’ve undoubtedly had a similar parental experience, eh?

That shirt was a “classic”! Since my nickname is rather similar to “Jameson” I’ve developed an affinity and a “taste” for it at this time of the season.  Therefore,  last year I wrote to Jamesons requesting a replacement for the one I lost, and all they could tell me was that they “don’t make that shirt anymore” – very weak.  How could they not continue such a great slogan?  I hope their promotion person got his walking papers after that decision! lol  I must have procured it upon a promotion at one of the Top 40 radio stations that I jocked at in the 1980s or at an Irish Pub whose bar I tended, and I still look for it every year at this time as if it will materialize miraculously.  The back of it simply looked like this:

I could call this post, “my Shamrock T-Shirts” because I still have two that are rare St. Patrick’s Day-related that I will never let out of my sight – or trunk – as I only wear them once-a-year.  The are both from 1999 and bartending-related.  One at the top of this post from when I became an “Official Toastmaster” as Guinness Stout went from pub-to-pub on the mission of setting a “Guinness” world record for pints toasted, and the one at the bottom which simply celebrates my favorite St. Patrick’s Day lager beer, Harp.  The best bodied beer that I only drink once a year – mainly because it is expensive! lol  

Since my Dad was born on St. Patty’s Day (a posthumous happy congratulations, Pop!) and dubbed the “Rastamon Leprechaun” I have a special fondness for this true first day of spring each year.  Jameson’s is the best Irish whiskey, in my opinion, and I love it in Irish coffee with whipped creme atop, or as a shot to back-up a brew – as in boilermaker – a trick I leaned from an Irish detective in Worcester Massachusetts who was a fan of my overnight radio show once upon a time.  He would insist that I join him “for a shot” after I got off the radio at six A.M., and being a solo black guy in that neck of the woods, I figured that “you never know when you might need a friendly constable” to help get out of a jam.

By the way, the lady in the Green Hat was a great friend and Irish bartender on Long Island, New York, by the name of Nancy. May she rest in peace.

I love this “holiday” because of its sheer revelry, fun spirit and camaraderie of beverage.  If you choose an Irish Coffee, then the “Top O’ The Mornin’ To ya!” Growing up in New York City, with its considerable Irish population, tons of Irish bars and fantastic traditional Parade on THEE Fifth Avenue, I believe that I am part Irish…Jameson’s Irish. Although, during the past five years, I’ve come to fancy the smoother Tullamore Dew after one of my Irish brothers turned me on to it! 
The luck o’ the Irish to you today (St. Patrick’s Day) and I hope that we both find our “pot-o’gold” at the end of the rainbow very soon.

What is your favorite St. Patrick’s Day beverage, recipe, parade or luck-inducing tradition?  Don’t forget the corned-beef and cabbage!

                                               By the time you read this, the sun may have peeked through long enough that these words are moot.  Or maybe where you are reading this from it is sunny most of the time unlike here in most of the eastern half of the U.S. and especially the southeast where I only remember one sunny and springlike day since this month began,  and that was Monday March 1st.

I hate when it is cloudy all the time with temperatures steady in the mid-40s;  I am one of those people for whom sunshine is a necessity.  It is bad enough that I moved to a state that is landlocked several years ago for the first time in my life, and that I miss the ocean like a long-lost friend, but these clouds day-after-day is beginning to wear on me.  And it is not even  raining! At least if it is going to be cloudy, then it should RAIN!! [I’m sorry, lost it for a minute…] It is just freakin’ cloudy, dreary, boring, depressing and difficult to imagine that the first day of spring is only days away and St. Patrick’s day is tomorrow.  Green looks so much better under sunny skies. What has happened?  Has the atmosphere stopped moving the weather form west to east?  Is the Earth now becoming more like our nearest neighbor, Venus?

When the weather is stagnant like this, I don’t even want to get out of bed; mood melancholia magnified sapping my motivation, and January-like hibernation beckons again.  In short, “this weather sucks!”and the timing couldn’t be worse with so many of us needing some really good news because we are so financially fragile nowadays.

I remember when I was a kid back in the 1960s and there was a rumor that they were seeding the clouds to make it rain because of a perceived “drought” over much of the country and this makes me wonder about that all over again. Or the “old wives tale” that when they shoot the space shuttle up over the earth, it messes up the weather patterns for weeks, the vapor trails disrupting the flow of the winds.  Is there a shuttle in orbit right now?  Hmmm.

The weather channel guy says  there is a “blocking northeastern low pressure system in the upper levels of the atmosphere”, yeah well get it out of there! This is when a practical application of science needs to be applied to help unblock the weather and move things along. This IS “the future” right? Can’t they do something constructive like  keep ample sunshine peeking through for me and you?

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