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[From my book: “Sad Face King”]

You are one confused tree;

Have multiple identities.

Don’t know what you want to be,

Are you a flower or a tree?

Blooming so prettily,

Late in March annually.

A floral bouquet that itches my throat;

Reminding me that allergy time is nigh.

Pelting me with heavy petals as I sit reading.

You are a schitzo-making no sense tree;

Every year I say with money and a chainsaw,

I’d put you out of your lavender, white and ultimately green misery.

After-all, I must clean up after your moods.

Because of so many compliments from passersby,

Oh colorful one, you will maintain.

But when those petals fall and touch ground,

They shrivel-up and turn a rusty brown.

pickhitt: a poem about a tree in my front yard. – I know, I need to”get a life”…LOL

Well…It is spring, and time to renew.

Last year this time I had you.

I am not sure why, but this song tonight

Says something about Spring Fever…to me

and says something about me and you.

Pickhitt: Strangely enough, since I first posted this, several of my male friends; “my boys” if you will, have inquired as to if I have  “heard from her” recently.  “I doubt I ever will …” I tell them. I missed that friend, however, then my fiancee`, Nina found me a few months L8R…hurt gone!  With these warm days of spring comes the fever for the comfy feeling of belonging to another in life.  Don’t get me wrong: my broken heart had NOT mended when I wrote the above – yet – but did with the medicine of “Simone”. I cut that piece out and threw it in the recycle bin.  I am only currently the lead singer of a new group entitled, “Pain, Hope, Despair & Long-Distance Hair” ;-j 

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