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After being a news junkie for many years – partly because I worked in radio and could not avoid it – I now try my best not listen to or watch the news anymore and this story is one reason why.  Shit has just gotten so way off of the map these days and common sense seems a thing of the past. What our generation learned at the knee of our parents, who were thoughtfully strict, seems to have been flipped upon its head!  “Down is up and up is down” to take a phrase from the famous English author Charles Lutwidge Dodgson’s novel, “Alice In Wonderland”.
I heard about this story in a cursory manner about six months ago and immediately flashed-back to my days as a Cub Scout and Boy Scout. 
My Mom was a “Den Mother” and our weekly meetings were held at a nearby Presbyterian church. My family was not of the Presbyterian faith, by-the-way, but that didn’t matter; people were not so insensibly sensitive back then, we had bigger fish to fry like the Vietnam War.  CubScoutLogo
Can you imagine a Scout meeting these days at a house of worship where the “BSA” would have homosexual-leaning “boys” among the membership?  What would the Pastor, Den Mother or Scoutmaster think or do with this situation?  What if hanky-panky took place or was attempted in the shower or a camping tent on a field trip?


Why do gays want to infiltrate the Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts anyway? Why does sexual “preference” in children who are still learning about their genitalia mean anything and isn’t all of this “TMI”??

I have the solution: they could form their own group, IMO, the “GAY Scouts of America”! lol It makes perfect sense! What were the leaders of the BSA thinking by attempting this move? (They obviously were not thinking.)  If I had a son as a Scout at the time they went public with this new announcement, I would have surely pulled him out upon learning of this news. Even President Obama is clueless on this issue. His legacy will become “the gay president” at this rate, lol 
Where in the Scout Handbook or Boy Scout Oath does it say “Scouts must cave to political pressure from groups who want to push their sexual preferences upon the masses and traditional inspirational organizations”?


Nyet, I am surprised at the lack of forethought by the Boy Scouts and I pray that they will come to their senses for the sake of the history and millions of us who developed into good men via scouting and recant this posture immediately.

Please do not dilute your historical brand.

Pickhitt: It ain’t hard to tell why it was ousted, is it? The confusion is obvious to this reporter…

I was a Cub and a Boy Scout.  Troop 109,  in the mid 1960s.  I saw on NBC where the Boy Scouts of today are offering a merit “belt loop”(or whatever they changed the name of a merit badge  to) in Video Games.

So  before I go and choose-up a game of Major League Baseball or Derek Jeter Baseball on my old Playstation 2, I wanted to point out the pros and cons of this latest update to Scouting tradition, and possibly the end of boyhood as I knew it, here we go:

PRO: “a video games merit accomplishment is riding a trend that is real for the kids of today; Giving more skill in things you like to do; to give a Scout a chance to try out new activities, so that you can find new things you really like…

Con: Increases “tenderfootedness”; Bad for the legacy of Scouting as being something you do out of doors; learning how to tie various knots; camping in tents without electricity (which I think everybody should experience); marching in the Memorial Day, July Fourth and Labor Day parades in uniform with your troop or “den”; showing-off your uniform to the neighborhood; learning how to play an instrument so that you can play it in the parade; the scouting Handbook – which will have to be rewritten with a video gaming chapter right after the “Merit Badge Program Chapter 24” In my handbook.


While talking with my Mum on the tele about her church, she commented about how the congregation has changed with the neighborhood’s demographics, and mentioned how when she brought me to join the Cub Scout troop, the other mothers “took it down to the basement” LOL  In other words, they didn’t want to integrate the troop.  Being that as it was, and that is a totally different post,  it reminded me that the church was the home base for our Scouting troop back in the days , which I had forgotten.

My core says this is yet another example of the “dumbing-down of America”, and maybe a visit to the Merit Badge Counselor (page 421 of my Handbook) is in order.

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