Well it didn’t even take a whole year between State of The Union speeches for the Jimmy-The-Greek moments to come back to haunt the healing of the perceived racial divide in, at least, American politics.  First, the formerly mild-mannered-looking Senate leader Harry Ried apparently wrote in his published book that President Obama was more likeable because he doesn’t use “Negro dialect”.  LMAO  Now I KNOW what Senator Ried wants to convey, and it is rather true – at least in HIS world – but using the word “Negro”??  WHO says “negro” anymore?  I am going to now dub this Senator, “Senator Spencer Tracy”, because it was about the time Sidney Poitier starred in the film, “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner”, that we last heard Black Americans described as “Negroes”. Where are we, back in the 1960s again???

We certainly don’t want that term to come back to the U.S.A.’s daily lexicon, because you all know which offshoot of that word returns with it… I can’t believe it!!  Don’t they EVER learn? (a Song by Lou Rawls)

Then the shamed-out-of-office, former Illinois Governor Blagojevich is now “apologizing” for his apparent foot-in-mouth flair-up at the expense of President Obama, who Blag endorsed for President!  What is UP with this propensity for white American men, in visible and lofty places, to still perpetuate petty prejudices?  Like I would tell my much younger sibling, as people wiser and older once told me: “THINK before you open your mouth or cast words out, fore once you DO, you better never want them BACK, because that is impossible to achieve.”  So, are these calculated outbursts and insults based in an innate anger that these men try, unsuccessfully, to conceal? If it is honest zeal, not coming to grips with having a Black American man as their boss is sadly real.

Pickhit: C’mon Mariah Carey…stop sleazing-down your act by appearing sloshed at the lectern while receiving an award.  Not classy, baby, and many want to continue to admire you. ‘Never seen the First Diva of Soul, Aretha Franklin, go out like that, and she is who you give lip-service to being your role-model Diva, right?  Even when with Tommy Mattolla, you never were see on a public stage like that, Girl!! Chill on the adult beverages the VIP after party

Pickhit II: Conversely, Alicia Keys reminded me of what a bright new star she is still ascending to be with her performance on SNL over the weekend…Class-SEE!  That “Sleeping With A Broken Heart” song is now my latest “tune wedgie” – and for good reason.  I can hear it again, and again, “I’m gonna hold on to the times that we had, Tonight, I’m gonna find a way to make it without you…”   Right in my wheelhouse, people.