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Now that you’ve flipped-out and over my previous 45rpm record post, I hope you enjoyed side one from inside the basement boxes! Therefore, can I drop some current science reflections upon you now and then leave you to marinate upon them, until we meet in the New Year, 2018? …Good.

As we come to the end of 2017, I know I have not blogged as much as in previous years and in-fact, the fantasy of “blogging” being a money-maker is dead. I am struck by the many misinformed conversations I have heard this year from a dumbed-down populace, which began during the first President Bush administration of the United States of America, in the late 1980s.

~ At the risk of sounding intolerant of younger generations, like my parents did, I want to point-out a few things so that if any are reading this who need my enlightenment, they shall have some, lol

~ My generation, “Baby Boomers” of which my birth year is one of the last thereof, was educated better than the successive ones, which seem to have been distracted by so-called “advances” in technology. The standards of manners, self-control (without drugs), developmental punishment, adherence to societal norms, rules and authority on the family level were much higher in my formative years. This made for a better dream and pursuit of happiness. None of us are perfect, mind you, but we knew our boundaries and respected one another on a more fascinating level.

~ The point of this piece is to charge those who originally unleashed this technological “Genie” from the bottle, to educate yours and our youths to not be addicted to it, so much as they stroll down a sidewalk, into an intersection, oblivious to their surroundings and into their own peril!!

~ Often, I hesitate to engage or write, feeling it will do no good. With the so-called “leaders” we have in play, annellation is the nearest possibility, therefore my words fall upon deaf ears.

~ Also, many I encounter do not listen in polite conversations anymore. They only hear while formulating their reply and rudely interject it prior to the other party finishing their sentence or thought!
Just the other day, while having a quick bite at a local O’Charlies, I overheard a convo between two twenty- something women who sounded like jaded old bags. Their list of phobias and “cant’s” outpaced their “cans”!

~ Especially when it came to travel: one says, “After one drink, if I feel a buzz, I am calling a cab no matter how close to my house I am!” Whaa? The other one expresses how they are afraid to take an AMTRAK train, “Because they always derail!” Huh? To which the young bartender says, “Oh no, I’m not flying either, because you never know who you are flying with!” Yeah, that “logic” applies to all transportation modes and even on the Interstate, chick! SMH These young ladies are running out of options! It is very sad! If I didn’t see them, I would have thought they were two old ladies, older than I am! I should have recorded this. People have always had phobias, yet I’ve never heard them by twentysomethings and so adamantly expressed! What I overhear as I make my errands are too many individuals who are so misinformed, drive impatiently (and too fast), are undisciplined, selfish and ill-mannered.
Many people are overly sensitive these days due to misguided political correctness run amuck.

~ Most seem all to ready to turn the other cheek now. Nobody wants to complain in apathy that nothing will change unless it is scandalous or sordid like bogus reality TV! It is pathetic, because real human complaints are the seed of positive revolutionary change in society! Is anybody emphasizing learning in History class these days?

~ Political Correctness, and the lack of the “tough love” my generation received, plus the de-emphasis of measured corporal punishment (spankings) has produced an off-center, marginal generation of undereducated perverts, freaks, woodchucks and pseudo-criminal idiots who are unscrupulous and who we all should fear and take measures help or thwart proactively. how’s THAT for an “entitlement program” proposal?

~ About Geopolitical things: Did Presidents Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson or Nixon engage in a rank-out sessions with North Vietnam’s Ho Che Min during the Vietnam War? No! So why is this Trump guy doing it? All he does is legitimize an illegitimate regime via childish taunts! Who is advising this guy, if anyone? Trump’s first October as President began and ended with senseless violence against innocent citizens in Las Vegas and New York City. His presence has increased many people’s frustration and anger levels, dangerously. We have not been this close to war since the Cuban Missile Crisis in the early 1960s! Kim Jung and President Fake are like two of the slowest learning, Special Ed kids in the back of the classroom, continuously chattering insults at each other, while the rest of us are trying to learn.

~ There are some things we still do not know and that recent groups of events are waaay too coincidental regarding all of these “sexual” allegations and the fall of so many of our (my) favorite public/media/entertainment personalities here at the end of 2017.

Why now? Why all of a sudden? Why doesn’t President Trump step aside while they investigate or at least be called to testify before Congress and answer to the charges against him by these women, like President Clinton had to? Ego and him wanting to be the first American Dictator is why, and we know it.

~ Were the Hunters Captured by the Game in ALL of these relationships?? Hmmmm…

~ Continue the discourse! Not just the usual suspects (although I appreciate you), don’t be too shy to say something about how we can have a better 2018 and beyond by hitting the ground running on January 2nd!!!
This is a milestone year for me, personally and let it be for thee.

~ For my list of KratesfullO’Jointz musik’s favorites who we lost in 2017, please check out The Record Shoppe! https://www.achilliadsmyvinylrecordshoppe.wordpress.com

Happy New Year! May we all survive safely and in Peace on earth to do this again a year from now! Cheers.

Again nature taking over, but this time a personal one.  Of course this bachelor didn’t own a thermometer, but I got one – the old fashioned under the tongue kind – not those fancy digtal ones for nine-ninety-nine.  Never sick often and abhorring the E.R., I awakend to soaked sheets earlier this week.  Feeling chills to the bone in a room full of heat was a good indication that all was not right within my body-nation.

Ever notice how people get ill and sometimes die just before and right after their birthdays?  I have, even  my Dad went just  before his eighty-first birthday, and that is why I’m especially carefull right after my birthday, with the hand-washing and all each and every time I come in from errands; this year it didn’t work though.  When you have a fever as an adult, every joint that you have ever injured through sports or accident aches.  My hips that I fell upon while roller speed skating “derby-style” thirty years ago, my shoulder that I jammed slightly in an auto accident; the base of my neck which suffered whiplash when rear-ended by a NYC taxicab while sitting at a stoplight; the  other shoulder on my “weak” but overly harmoned side which cries-out just from too many dumbbell reps, and of course my surgically- repaired Achillies tendon from basketbal and distance running competition days..  Then there is the middle of my lower back – no answer for  that one…I guess when they finally give all of us health insurance, I’ll get a “physical” to find out what is on the way.  Now in my late fifties, those results will carry the day.  I guess the theme here is the power of nature, whether it be the “Mother” kind or our personal ones, the great equalizer, to shut things down with ther ultimate “reset button” upon our increasingly distracted, and blindly technologically dominated lives.  Thee “chill pill”.

Every year around my birth anniversary, I stop my one vice – wine drinking – for a month or whatever; a kind of sabbatical.  I was just in the beginning of that yearly ritual when the fever struck; my personal “nature” taking over and shutting me down physically and mentally – except for some great dreams which included the words you’ve just finished reading.

pickhitt: President Obama deftly dances like Rogers and Astaire or Emmit Smith on “Dancin’ With The Stars” during his State Of The Union Address last night.  He poked, prodded and cajoled the Obstructikans, who sat on their hands for the most part like the mischieveous side of the class who cracks wise and would rather shoot paper clips, spitballs or paper airplanes instead of listening to the message in the name of unity. They represent the left-over “angry white men” who still have a problem with a man who’s skin is brown “telling [them]what to do”.  I thought he touched all based with at least three home-runs, humor and thankfully avoided the tempting metaphor “we are on the one yard line” while pitching the continuted committment to health care reform.

Now back to bed.

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