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My latest and on-going self-help-with-YOUR-help Project is described as ‘inspirational” most often thus far. THAT itself is flattering, humbling and reassuring. It “inspired” this article, which first appeared on the blog of the platform, “Rock The Post” and they’ve granted me permission to re-post it here on “Achilliad”. In my life, I’ve seemed to always have been the one who would take the leap first when others in my group were hesitant for whatever reason. This is a “Guest Post”.

In case you have never heard the word crowdfounding/crowdsourcing before I will briefly provide a little context. It is a collective cooperation of people who decide to pool their money and other resources together to support efforts on other people’s projects.

Now that that is out of the way, do you know someone that is buried under a pile of bills? Could this someone possibly be you? Were you ever dealt a bad hand and are now suffering the aftermath effects? Dying to start or finish on a new project but lack proper funds? If you answered yes to any of these questions, crowdfunding just might be your solution.

Take Jimi Bruce for example. Jimi, is a veteran DJ radio personality who unfortunately lost everything after corporate restructuring. After an extended period of unemployment that spanned for almost 2 years, he accumulated many expenses and took a loan that made his finances take a turn for the worst. The loan had a 27% interest, which he was unaware of at the time of obtaining it and due to that bad decision and lack of income for 2 years, he found himself in over his head and in need of help.

Twenty months back, Jimi met THE love of his life, Ina a woman from the Ukraine, but she was forced to leave the US because of visa issues. Ever since then, Jimi has wracked his brain to find a way over there to meet her family and bring her back to the States. Having to re-invent himself as a middle aged man, Jimi had to learn new skills like how to use the internet and has successfully taken the first steps of getting back on track by landing a Social Media Coordinator job for a weekly Nashville newspaper. Unfortunately the salary doesn’t pay the rent, but it is better than nothing.

Currently Jimi’s love, Inna, resides in Eastern Europe, which really complicates their relationship.

He has been trying to get a loan since January 4, 2012 and has good credit score in the mid-600s, but from his point of view living in Tennessee hampers him from getting approved.

As a last resort and alternative option, Jimi turned to fundraising on Rock The Post so he can purchase a ticket to go see Inna and repay his loan in order to start a new chapter. As he explains on his post, once he raises the funds he will be marrying Inna, and they will be helping other people and couples who have struggled through similar situations reach their dreams.

His Fiancee Inna even used all of her savings to help Jimi get his first U.S. passport. As Jimi cites “As a man, I MUST pay her back .”

The money that Jimi will be raising will be used to:

Pay-off $1.900 loan;
Collect his soul/teammate Inna from Kiev;
Close on a house for him and Inna;
Relocate with a new job offer so they can build their life together in SF or near NYC;
Build/install Jimi’s i-net radio/voice-over/penmanship & phonics education business.

Jimi Bruce is a good example of how the magic of crowdfunding works. At the moment he has raised USD$ 218 from the USD$ 7,000 he is seeking. However, crowdfunding can not only be applied to causes, but also to businesses and individuals that would like to partner up from a money or resource perspective. Rock The Post is a good example of how the community comes together in order to make a dream become a reality.

***Rock The Post www.rockthepost.com is powered as a business social network site, serving as a bridge between entrepreneurs and/or talented parties and funding parties in order to take simple projects to the next level. We are a communication platform for business partnerships to form, and to become a place where projects, dreams, and passions become reality.


by sherman sterling ,founder on February 24, 2012 at 11:38 pm
I do thank you for the crowdfunding link up

by Kiarie nyanjau on February 25, 2012 at 03:20 am
This cool Guys.

by Peter Rouse on February 25, 2012 at 08:38 am
Crowdfunding and Crowdlending are undoubtedly of huge potential benefit to individuals and micro businesses. Banks are not interested in such ‘business’. Equity based crowdfunding is in place in the UK (www.crowdcube.com) and will hopefully be so in the US before long. Crowdlending is also in place (www.zopa.co.uk for example) in the UK. There are new banking entrants as well such as http://www.civilisedmoney.com. We need a new and better way of doing capitalism and crowdfunding/lending is one way we can achieve this.

by Jimi Bruce on February 25, 2012 at 03:27 pm
I am blown-away with gratitude after reading this true and informative write-up over my afternoon tea. Thank You, Rock The Post! спасибо!

by Sarah Barton-King on February 25, 2012 at 04:12 pm
Bravo….at last. This is exactly what we require to move our small (and I mean small) businesses forward. Banks refuse to even allow a ‘bridging loan’ to enable one to literally move step by step up the ladder to success. I hope we can make this happen here, and who knows, with small amounts, we can each help the other in the bracket to move onwards and upwards. I do hope that if we do go this route, we all remember to reward our ‘friends’ for the help they are going to give to us. Sarah xxxxx

by Jason Scott on February 26, 2012 at 09:54 am
Thanks for the post. We are also looking into crowd funding for potential link ups from later to be successful businesses, musicians, and inventors. We have been making donations to Kiva.org, but they are straight donations for Karma.

by Jim Thomas on February 26, 2012 at 04:42 pm
I’m all for altruism and helping folks out but calling an electronic way to pass the hat “crowd-funding” is a news-seeking gimmick that just clouds the waters. It’s not “funding”–it’s donating. Yes, there is a world of potential in common folk doing what banks and traditional lenders won’t do, but there’s a difference between a model of capitalism and a model of charity. This story is one of the latter and thus, the latest in sensationalist ways to mischaracterize and misinterpret the power of emerging technology.

Jimi Bruce

by Jimi Bruce on February 27, 2012 at 05:06 pm
Hello, Mr. Thomas: I cannot sit idly by and let you rain upon my/our social funding/crowdfunding/crowdsourcing parade via semantics. One of the reasons that a man like me with youthful middle age, my health (so far thank the Creator) and a variety of useful experience gets marginalized to the edge of the abyss of indigence is that needless nit-picking and small-mindedness has gained in popularity for whatever reason, instead of us celebrating our commonalities. Look and see what other labels your words “donating ” and “charity” are in common with here: generosity, gift Synonyms: alms, alms-giving, assistance, benefaction, beneficence, contribution, dole, donation, endowment, fund, gifting, hand*, hand-out, helping hand, largesse, oblation, offering, philanthropy, relief, write-off . They are all what we all need in our lives: HELP.

The Following is submitted under the heading, “Anything Can Happen”

People are still asking, here in 2014, “What is next for the documentary story and couple known as “Cafe` Skype” ?

It should not have been this difficult for a Ukrainian, Russian-speaking, Woman and an American man who solidified the foundation of their love on the internet to overcome her Visa and his passport and financial hurdles in order to marry and live together – but it was. Can’t you just hear the deep-voiced movie trailer announcer selling this? Now that the debt is paid…when will we see a picture of these lover together?…

Naphtali finally traveled to Kiev to see Inna-Nina! However, she had accepted a temporary Nursing assignment in Rome, Italy to earn money she apparently could not earn in Zaporozhye to help her ailing mama. So they missed each-other “like ships in the night”. That added another “twist” to the plot of our story! Do you want to be the film crew to reenact this historic and long-awaited event? Please read-on! Contact us! We need help to happen! Calling all film Investors! Get your name or company listed in our Rolling credits for $100.00!

” A short documentary-film about The Timing of Life and Money vs The Timing of Love…Ukrainian beauty meets veteran NYC radio/club DJ and Author who lived in Nashville at the time, they fall in “love” and both must overcome passport, cold war-era Visa rules,immigration financing, family elder care and financial challenges to be together…” The truth and one of the main sub-plots is that my bride-to-be has sent me money to help pay a debt that allowed my passport to be granted… I repayed it back to her after two years of expectations, hoping to ease our first and only rift. “Money isn’t everything…”, my Mum once said. However, in this story, it was what we thought was the final hurdle that will help us overcome the Visa issue to help get Her to the USA.
Meanwhile, Nina had to take work as a Nurse to help her family back in Ukraine in Rome, Italy part-time in silent, losing hope for their meeting, despair…as I flew to Kiev.

Video and text from our short-falling crowd-funding campaign for our international marriage story with important messages for the U.S. and Slavic world gov’ts. you can hear one of our protagonists, Nina, speak about it from our crowd-funder on Kickstarter two years ago, here:

There are sample videotrailers for you to view! just email us at the contact address to the right sidebar on this page, and you get the links. Personal interview and social media promotional video with the happy couple for $1,000!

All too often, when you hear about a romance between an American man and a Russian lady, people don't take it seriously, laughing with a wink and a nod behind his back, diminishing it as if the guy is getting scammed, tricked or insulting it as a mere "international booty-call" or something. Yes, often some women do try to con a guy via internet scams, but Nina never asked Naphtali for one penny! In fact, she magnanimously helped Naphtali overcome a debt and that completed his first U.S passport get! Don't sell US short on intelligence, OK? This is not the case with Nina & Naphtali. Forget the negative and accentuate the POSITIVE! What is going to happen next leading to the day when she jumps right through the Skype web camera, into his waiting arms?

You can help fund the film by using the yellow “donate” button in the upper-right of the sidebar.

Back-story:Naphtali finally achieved his U.S. passport, thanks to Inna and a Brooklyn long-time friend’s financial help to overcome an unjust tax from his past. So, if you truly want to see how this interesting story comes to a happy ending, donate now! We have the backing of the Fiscal Sponsor, “From The Heart Productions”, http://www.fromtheheartproductions.com/ making it easier for you to write-off your donations come tax time! The message of this film is necessary on many levels as a wake-up call, to achieve the path to unity that the Creator assembled us, various peoples on Earth for, as well as untangle some of the U.S legal system from uneven/unjust “taxtics” by states that can override the federal government’s rules and deny passports.
Proposed length: 27 minutes; Target audience: PBS, NPR, BBC, IFC.

Call our “legal Eagle” and head of fund-raising escrow, Bruce, at the law firm (718-855-6840) with your question, donation or comment! You can use your check, money orders, cashier’s checks, bank debit card so that the goal of funding this message film moves forward. 

One of Inna’s beloved artists is Lenny Kravitz, whose father just-so-happens to be Ukrainian and his mother a Black Woman! Here is the first Kravitz video that Nina ever sent to Naphtali to express how their communications via email, you tube, postal mail, telephone and Skype made her feel “in stomach” – ‘Butterfly’.

Thanks to you who look, like, listen, think pro-actively and “outside of outside of the box”. See you at the movies or in syndication.

Nina, Naphtali, Nate, Nan, Cheetah    

The “Cafe` Skype” docu-film project production team

For Perks descriptions & more information:


How will the plot turn next? You write the conclusion and we will play it out in real life/on-screen for your $5,000 donation! There will be remixed versions!

PICKHIT: Naphtali has repaid his monetary debt to Nina and there will be happy updates into 2014, Your support will help both of our elderly Mother’s health issues. Will we just have to snag a random stranger to document the meeting at an airport? Or will your film crew be on-hand to save the moment? You have already lost two chances!

SURESHOT Urgent Update! February 28, 2013: After a great civilian protest that toppled Ukraine’s corrupt and Russian ass-kissing “President”, Putin the puppet-master orders troops to Crimea which is not all that far from where Nina lives with her elderly mother and son. What the fuck is next that will pop-up as a hurdle to our togetherness away from Ukraine? What is next?? I am so chagrined, you would not believe it – but do not show it. All help appreciated because this could become VERY bad, and then I become afraid that we might never fulfill our dream. ~ N.

World Premiere Update. It is now February, 2015 and thanks to paranoid Putin, the Russian “President” and his war by proxy, the prospects for our marriage and a happy ending to this story are grim. The frontline of the war is currently only about 225 miles from Nina’s city in southeastern Ukraine!! Help!! Unfortunately, my last crowdfunder only raised slightly over $500US and I sent her most of it for he family (aliing, elderly mother), the rest used to begin a savings account for eventual refugee status. Heaven only knows how far Putinitler’s goons will march into Ukraine now. I still prospect for any ideas to raise the major thousands of dollars to help. I pray that the United States, together with its allies going back to World War II soon send the necessary arms and assistance to help Ukraine deter any further Russian aggression. Your ideas are welcomed to help the “Cafe` Skype” story live on in the comment section of this post. Sadly…I thank you ~ N.

Thanks for Reading. We invite you to share this post. We still need your support to complete our story and this film as we rendezvoused together in London, U.K. in October of 2013!!!! What a journey…Look out for the book version to be released in early 2016. Someone will have to do better than “sorry”.

Your comments are strongly encouraged!