I… am experiencing this right now…you find out who your TRUE ‘friends’ are when you are about to get evicted or worse. I…am seeking a rich person, or philanthropic organization that sees me and the talents that I have and wants to take me under his (or her) wing in order to benefit their bottom line going forward.  I have always thought that I might get “discovered” thusly as I have heard so many others have miraculously…maybe somone hears your voice, or sees my picture, or an old radio show I did,  and says,”Hey, THAT’s the guy we need!”

I played this record on the radio back in the 1970s, and little did I know how much it would mean to me here in “the future that is now”.  It is shameful and a damn shame how people ignore you, when you are down and out.  A miracle will make it all moot, and then watch, as the song says, all them run back to me like long-lost friends…

And one more thing that pisses me off is these companies like AT&T, ComCOST, who will just cut your phone OFF when you fall, say fifty dollars behind, on your monthly bill, even after you make a “payment arrangement” and telling them that you are jobless and at the mercy of the labor department and Congress.  How in the HELL do they expect you to get work and earn money to PAY them if nobody can CONTACT you because your phone is “temporarily disconnected”?  Talk about an oudated “business model”, these sacrosanct megalopolies still think that draconian measures like this will expidite payments from the masses who were up-front with them?  Not true these days,  old Ma Bell, we have other choices;  MajikJack…here I come.

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