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Until recently I lived at the crest of a wooded hill that is suitably named, “Woodycrest Avenue”. Why I lived there is the subject for another post very soon, but just before my recent “Exodus” from that beloved, peaceful location, I had a friendly encounter with a woodpecker. I write “friendly” because it let me get surprisingly close as I snapped pictures of it without flying away as most of the birds in my former yard would when they noticed me. This guy was a “cool pecker”, going about his business on my tall front-yard pine tree. When he noticed me, he sort of glanced over in my direction for a second, and then went back to studying that tree bark! lol Here he is, sequentially as I crept closer for a “three-gap on a tree-sap”…


and right after he noticed me, feathers unruffled…

I likely could have crept closer, still after this shot…

This close encounter caused me to research kinds of Woodpeckers for the first time in my life. I’ve always noticed where woodpeckers had been on the barks of trees; their circled carvings are unmistakable artwork themselves!
My best guess, according to my research, is that this was a “Hairy” or “Downy” Woodpecker. It would have been coolest if it was like my favorite cartoon Woodpecker of my TV-watching youth, “Woody Woodpecker” who I glean was actually a hybrid of the “Pileated” and “Red-Headed” Peckers! Ok, I digress – the subject-matter can cause acute silliness.

I often described my former abode by saying, “Its like living in a park, and I am the ‘parkeep/!” I had Robins, noisy Raven-like Crows, Cardinals, Bluebirds and Northern Mocking birds, but last month, just before I left, was the first time I’d ever spied a Woodpecker. OK, Audubon enthusiasts, peck away at this piece!

It Might be that it is the last of May 2012 we can prognosticate “in these-here parts”!
Never-mind not watching television for the past two-plus years.
I ask my neighbor what the weather is to be?
I forget judiciously,
To dial it up on the PC.
He says, “About a hundred percent chance of rain!”
Then I drive to gas-up my “for sale” to-get-to-Nina (reason), car!

Tonight’s feature is a reality show and main event is the group thunder, , lightning and rain moving in seemingly from all directions.
I let my mind and right hand sync, flying freely to write this account, Of the precipitous action,
As occasional lightning illuminates my writing pad.
Thinking of Nina’s “flat” as I wrote the word “pad”, lol, I briefly remember accurately another of our many Skype “dates”.
I know, you ask, “have you ever really MET her?” To that I say “Yes.”
Now back to the air, moving with distant thunder rumbles which do not threaten me.
Heck, I always was one to like to sit outside in the face of a storm moving in!
It is similar to daily living as an adult!
Wind gusts sway the tall trees to and fro; widely and like a windshield wiper.
Similar trees close to my front stoop,
Protect me as my canopy.

Only a sideways wind occasionally makes the raindrop kiss my flesh as I wish Nina would forevermore, truth be known.
I’ll tell anyone the truth!
Blow, wind blow!
Take away my pollen-induced shortness of breath Asthma wheeze. It is why I welcome you!
Wondering how a Ukrainian thunder storm would go;
Hand-in-hand with her holding me close.
Lost car ambles down my dead-end street;
Gustafo makes sway after it.
“Lost In Space”, I always call these vehicles who come this way.
Sometime I say, “Damn, Life!” because I am not where and with who I want and need it not to be this way.
“Work WITH me for a change!”
I survive the initial onsloaught of heavy rain on a Thursday night;
Still not wet under my natural umbrella.
Why can’t I just go at-will where I want to be?
Then just as I look up on a clear night and the moon and distant planets remind me;
Mother Nature has final say as distant, hated plaintive freight trains announce their approval again.

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