As a new blogger…this is bit of an experiment…my mind is such that I think of it as a huge jukebox with millions of songs in it.  If the old TV show, “Name That Tune”  was still on, I’d go on a winning streak, naming those tunes in…one, two or (at the most) three notes… Every so often, a  new tune crashes my personal ” Top 999″ songs and becomes a tune wedgie – I play it again, and again, and again, and again, et. al (At times like this, I guess it would take a special girl to actually LIVE with me…). And so, this is today’s tune wedgie/and song I’m stuck on.  It reminds me of myself and that special dance partner (or not) alone, twirling, whirling, turning, swirling and cavorting on the sequentially-lit, multi-colored disco club dance floor.

Who knows, if this catches on, I’ll do one a month! LOL

pickhitt: video is the bomb, but the track is all that!