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[An “open letter”…]

This song comes to mind from the 1970s…my college days, ever since your last email letter and until I achieve the funding solution I am seeking for the past year now – which isn’t easy for me, who never/could not because of outside interference, use “credit” here in the USA until the mid-2000s – and now I desperately wish that I could talk to you who, mired in “disappointment” and disbelief now, is silent for the most part.
“TALK to you”, like we used to not that many months ago in the scheme of things (the “big picture”) so that I can let you hear just where I stand.
Communicate by telephone voice or Skype so I can explain how the “United” States financial credit system catches dolphins in the shark net, denying and delaying those who are mature, responsible, organized and worthy of being lent money to, the chance to further their dreams, inventions, plans or in our case “The January ProjeX” family business model that I am pitching nowadays. https://gust.com/c/the_january_projex I am one such victim, but I will keep fighting until my dying breath or until you say not to – which ever comes first.
And I know that I am getting closer to getting that money that we need! Maybe the real “empty promise” is “The American Dream” for most of us…
I live ONLY to repay you by whatever means it takes to get the money, and restore your playful desires and faith in me.
Other songs that come to former disc jockey-musical mind are Al Green’s “Living For You” and Abba’s “Take A Chance On Me”.
I still want to be your forever Man.

I, I, I, I wish that I could talk to you, baby
So that I can let you know
(So that I can let you know, I)
I wish that I could talk to you, baby
So that I can let you know
(So that I can let you know)

Oh, if only I can hear
Your voice so sweet and clear,
It would ease my lonely state of mind
Somehow I got to get in touch with you
To let you know
(Let you know, yeah!)

That my love is true
(So true)
I only wish I knew just where to find you
I realize, yeah, yeah
That time is turning the tides
And I’m unsatisfied

I, I, I, I wish that I could talk to you, baby
So that I can let you know
(So that I can let you know, I)
I wish that I could talk to you, baby
So that I can let you know
(So that I can let you know)
There’s no hidden plan

As I’ve always, since you found me, tried to gently remind you, Honey, “What I SAY I will DO, I WILL do. It may take longer than we both desire, due to factors out of our control, but I WILL get it accomplished. Conversely, If I do NOT say I will do it, you have only a 50/50 chance – if I feel like it.” With You (another song title), I always “feel” like trying like with no other woman and take every daily step to the bus stop and down the subway (metro) train to work for our eventual union.

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This is my first “guest post”, and it is in honor of International Women’s Day or maybe at this point, “month” and the anticipation of positive changes for the mass collective, that will come to fruition sooner rather than L8R – so that I can see the look of pleasure on her face when she finally tastes one of my  culinary delights later this year, okaaaaay?

Now all the way from mother Ukraine, my lady sends you:


  Whip: 1 cup/160 gramme Sugar and 2 eggs to consistency

Add: ½ Cup Olive oil, butter or Sunflower oil

Add: 1 cup/160 gramme of flour

1 tsp baking powder/”soda”

Prepare and add: essence of 1 lemon and 1 orange (skin of both), finely ground

add juice of both lemon and orange w/o pulp to flour/sugar blend

prepare1 cup carrot (grated) on the side to add soon
1 TBS raisin

1 TBS ginger,

1TBS cinnamon

Mix all ingredients in mixing bowl
And then pour into form

Heat stove to 180C/350F degrees,

Bake for 30 minutes.

Cake turns out very tender.

Let cool and remove from form

she adds: I Love (One love I guess – ed.)

Enjoy! (I added that – ed.)

‘spah-see-bah’, Inna!       

My Honey waves at you!