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First I am surprised that there is security,

Going through a woman’s bag ahead of me;

As if we are getting on a plane!

Just a few steps from that humiliation,

A desk clerk inputs into a computer,

Much more than your name;

Then asks me to sign it not on paper,

But with some electronic writing implement.

“What are you here for? She asks.

“A prescription refill for my inhaler”, I reply.

The first false promise is,

“A nurse will be right with you.”

I am directed to wait where the chairs are.

Just a few more steps to the uncomfortable area,

Strewn with bodies with faces etched in pain.

Wheelchairs, crutches, groans and moans.

I don’t want to touch anything,

I can almost hear the germs crying out at me.

Finding a chair away from most,

I try not to make eye contact as I take out my reading book.

Gently I place my water bottle on the table next to me;

Guarding it closely so none will touch it.

Hanging from the ceiling,

A television picture with poor quality.

Suddenly a loud thump and bump.

Some dude fell-out of his wheelchair!

The bump was his reddened bald head on the floor.

He is quickly surrounded.

“Don’t move. Stay still.” the large cop standing over him says.

One hour passes and then two going on three;

I’m getting restless and don’t know what to do.

Having been back to see the triage nurse,

Experienced the questions of intake too.

More false promises of not having to wait for long,

I decide to take action and flag-down the first nice nurse I saw.

The man who fell-out is now very chatty,

“You can waste a whole day here”, he says to me.

I am thinking he staged his episode for the attention,

It still hasn’t gotten him in the seeing the doctor direction.

I am thinking when I am again working i must get a regular doctor,

When suddenly the nice nurse reappears to bring me in;

“We’re gonna get you outta here, ‘Man!” says the Doc,

Moments later I am with prescription and again free!

Well fancy THIS!    I heard on the NBC Nightly News tonight, March 23, 2010, (that I now  watch only online, thank you EL) a Republican legislator named Jim Diment lament, “What’s happening to our country?/The sadness turned to anger because people feel that they weren’t listened to/they want their country back, blah, blah, blah…” regarding the newly signed U.S. Health Care Reform Bill.  I have to wonder, is all of this angst (esp. “I want my country back”) because a Black man/African-American is the President?  Hmm?  Now, even I don’t like the “mandatory” provision because I feel that it is imposed upon the backs of those who can least afford another draconian “tax” if they choose not to sign-up, but this is amusing. I am into CHOICE big-time.

 However, now it is their ( the” tea partiers” and angry, tunnel-visioned Rebublicans)  turn to feel “left-out” , just as many of the people I have known over the past two decades  have felt disenfranchised when Reagan, both Bushes and yes, even at times, the sometimes Republicrat leaning Bill Clinton were in the Oval Office felt. 

This is part of  “democracy”, and it is our  turn; and as I’ve written previously, with me there is always a song I can attach to a moment.  This time, Diana Ross has the stage:

Pickhit: just Chill haters, and see where it goes.  Now you know how people who are  forced  by “the government” to pay things like child support feel.  I didn’t hear any cries to file lawsuits or play the “states rights” card when (mostly) men were legislated without representation into that predicament. ‘Just sayin’…what’s good for the goose…or repeal ALL the similar federal mandates.

 And why are you/we  looking for “government” to manage your health?  just exercise regularly and eat healthy.  That “cliché”  is true my friend. Working-out is the best “health care plan”.

Again nature taking over, but this time a personal one.  Of course this bachelor didn’t own a thermometer, but I got one – the old fashioned under the tongue kind – not those fancy digtal ones for nine-ninety-nine.  Never sick often and abhorring the E.R., I awakend to soaked sheets earlier this week.  Feeling chills to the bone in a room full of heat was a good indication that all was not right within my body-nation.

Ever notice how people get ill and sometimes die just before and right after their birthdays?  I have, even  my Dad went just  before his eighty-first birthday, and that is why I’m especially carefull right after my birthday, with the hand-washing and all each and every time I come in from errands; this year it didn’t work though.  When you have a fever as an adult, every joint that you have ever injured through sports or accident aches.  My hips that I fell upon while roller speed skating “derby-style” thirty years ago, my shoulder that I jammed slightly in an auto accident; the base of my neck which suffered whiplash when rear-ended by a NYC taxicab while sitting at a stoplight; the  other shoulder on my “weak” but overly harmoned side which cries-out just from too many dumbbell reps, and of course my surgically- repaired Achillies tendon from basketbal and distance running competition days..  Then there is the middle of my lower back – no answer for  that one…I guess when they finally give all of us health insurance, I’ll get a “physical” to find out what is on the way.  Now in my late fifties, those results will carry the day.  I guess the theme here is the power of nature, whether it be the “Mother” kind or our personal ones, the great equalizer, to shut things down with ther ultimate “reset button” upon our increasingly distracted, and blindly technologically dominated lives.  Thee “chill pill”.

Every year around my birth anniversary, I stop my one vice – wine drinking – for a month or whatever; a kind of sabbatical.  I was just in the beginning of that yearly ritual when the fever struck; my personal “nature” taking over and shutting me down physically and mentally – except for some great dreams which included the words you’ve just finished reading.

pickhitt: President Obama deftly dances like Rogers and Astaire or Emmit Smith on “Dancin’ With The Stars” during his State Of The Union Address last night.  He poked, prodded and cajoled the Obstructikans, who sat on their hands for the most part like the mischieveous side of the class who cracks wise and would rather shoot paper clips, spitballs or paper airplanes instead of listening to the message in the name of unity. They represent the left-over “angry white men” who still have a problem with a man who’s skin is brown “telling [them]what to do”.  I thought he touched all based with at least three home-runs, humor and thankfully avoided the tempting metaphor “we are on the one yard line” while pitching the continuted committment to health care reform.

Now back to bed.

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