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Hey, my special Freedom Angel!
It was two years ago around this time,
I knew that you were forever mine.
You proved to help me
You became my Freedom Angel.

I knew you were sent from the heavens
I learned how it feels to be truly enamored
With a special blessing in a woman
Who for so long I have searched!

I finally got it right;
I looked in the right place,
The Ukrainian country!
I found the best Slavic woman for me.
Now I soon will travel to have Inna at my knee.

You are still my ultimate destination, Baby.
I’m coming again!
I want you to know,
Whatever the problem or obstacle,
That you can depend on me because
You have divinely inspired,
I will find a way to solve it –
Just like I did with the Passport situation.

I live for that next day or night,
When I step from a plane into your gaze and then arms;
A first real kiss that we both have missed all these months.

Whatever time we have together,
Will be great!
It will will be worth the wait!
I Pray daily to Jah,
Allow us to get this thing together!
Before we are too old to enjoy each other youthfully!

(“C’MON!!” Please hurry, cosmic forces of prayer, Dammit!)

The Rutherford Institute: The Drone-ification of America.

Ever since I came to hear their Public Service Announcements on WRVU FM, The Rutherford Institute and John Whitehead’s truthfully frank Constitutional commentaries have hit me “where I live”.  While a DJ there, I sent for his free information packet and received the great “Pocket Constitution” of the U.S. along with a poster depicting the  U.S. Bill Of Rights and other historical personal freedom 411, and I urge you to do the same.  This is basic stuff that my generation learned in our high school Social Studies classes – I still have the text books!

IMHO, too many people, especially “Generation Y” , are totally clueless about the Bill of Rights and Constitution as it was intended to be applied by the founders of the “U.S.A.”, and that makes us all more vulnerable to erosion in personal liberties that are being considered and indeed applied behind closed doors as we “speak”. Soon our own “government” will use Orwellian tactics like drone spying on “we the people” without hesitation and find some nonsensical political double-speak rationalization to try and justify it.

Please read the above linked article and others at the Institute’s website.  What do you think about all of this?  If you are like I am, we need to continue to make our voices heard because humans are not robots; people make laws and laws should have human flexibilities built-in lest we and future generations fall victim to increasing unfeeling non-empathatic robotization of our societies and “leaders”.  Speaking of leaders, I agree with what he says about President Obama and the war machine.  It seems that these guys get in there and cannot resist the temptation become hawks these days, even if they promised otherwise during their campaign.

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