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Allow me to introduce you to my “Town Car” :       You cannot find another picture of one like it on “google” – I tried – found it was a Pierce Arrow “limited edition”  via “ask.com”, back when it was my best Christmas present of all times at age sixteen! Who knew?? (surely not my parents!) It was only rivaled by the Schwinn “Continental” at the time.  I’ve upgraded many parts since I got it and it still is always there willing to give me a ride whenever I want to – which is more than I can say for some people I know! I’m glad I picked it. I always hear excuses from friends, acquaintances and associates about why this or that physical activity “isn’t for [them]” as they continue to bemoan their weight gains.  No need to argue about that; to each his or her own.  Recently was “National Ride Your Bike To Work Day” or some such nonsense.  I still want to know who is the official designator of National Days.  Is there such a commissioner?  I want that gig! LOL     There are many ways to keep in-shape.  Riding your bicycle doesn’t require you to wait for somebody else to join you in order to do it, the equipment is relatively cheap after the initial investment as long as you maintain it and keep it clean, save an occasional flat tire or inner tube replacement and the fashions, with mandatory helmet and gloves/pads available can make you look stylish and be comfortable – if a man, especially in the groin area – while doing a fun activity at ground-level and covering the cardio/aerobic/muscle strengthening aspects of your workouts. If you have Asthma, it is great for your lungs! As cycling goes, so does life. You’ve got to grind up hills steadily. Remember to “get the negative”. Meaning let the up-stroke pull as the down-stroke pushes, In order to get into a rhythm. Then soon you will spy the crest; Not as obvious as in life, When you get there the reward begins. Enjoy the coast, which can be such a mph rush; Hold on tight, tuck down for less wind resistance, Feel the daredevil in you. Next, pray for a flat stretch soon, knowing that other hills are just around the bend; Allowing you to once again practice grinding up all over again. I rode my bike l-o-n-g today; Maybe the longest this year. Weekend rains in succession, Curtailing my weekly riding sessions. Bringing my total miles fewer than last year. I could hardly walk after the cool-down and shower! Cranky “hammies”* the problem; Getting out of my car in the Kroger parking lot, I just walked s-l-o-w-l-y towards the store; Old-man style like a late-fiftysomething cyclist slightly out of practice. I shocked them for sure although I know that they enjoyed the ride. Seeing things from the 10-speed perspective is up-close. A slow grind up some hills is the challenge as in life; The reward is those speedy down hills on the other side when things go well. So keep riding, and keep grinding to your health mentally and physically. Hey! You did it as a child without thinking about it; Why shouldn’t you continue to do it as an adult?  Don’t wait for anybody but yourself!

*the hamstring muscle located on the back of your thigh. return to cycling ride

Pickhitt: April 12, 2015 after almost three years due the unsettlement of my life and homelessness, I just completed my first, short return to cycling ride.  Refreshing and reassuring physically and mentally.  Thanks to Phil, the former NYC Fireman, for the encouragement!

Well fancy THIS!    I heard on the NBC Nightly News tonight, March 23, 2010, (that I now  watch only online, thank you EL) a Republican legislator named Jim Diment lament, “What’s happening to our country?/The sadness turned to anger because people feel that they weren’t listened to/they want their country back, blah, blah, blah…” regarding the newly signed U.S. Health Care Reform Bill.  I have to wonder, is all of this angst (esp. “I want my country back”) because a Black man/African-American is the President?  Hmm?  Now, even I don’t like the “mandatory” provision because I feel that it is imposed upon the backs of those who can least afford another draconian “tax” if they choose not to sign-up, but this is amusing. I am into CHOICE big-time.

 However, now it is their ( the” tea partiers” and angry, tunnel-visioned Rebublicans)  turn to feel “left-out” , just as many of the people I have known over the past two decades  have felt disenfranchised when Reagan, both Bushes and yes, even at times, the sometimes Republicrat leaning Bill Clinton were in the Oval Office felt. 

This is part of  “democracy”, and it is our  turn; and as I’ve written previously, with me there is always a song I can attach to a moment.  This time, Diana Ross has the stage:

Pickhit: just Chill haters, and see where it goes.  Now you know how people who are  forced  by “the government” to pay things like child support feel.  I didn’t hear any cries to file lawsuits or play the “states rights” card when (mostly) men were legislated without representation into that predicament. ‘Just sayin’…what’s good for the goose…or repeal ALL the similar federal mandates.

 And why are you/we  looking for “government” to manage your health?  just exercise regularly and eat healthy.  That “cliché”  is true my friend. Working-out is the best “health care plan”.

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