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17-starbucks-race-together-2.w529.h529.2xRecently, Starbucks unsuccessfully launched this “unity” campaign.  They just slapped a slogan on their coffee cups without a lead-up promotion and there should have been a brown hand under this cup (at least, or several shades) – in my opinion – that is why it failed.  Today’s media must be captained by fools who did not do their homework visa v ethnic relations in the United States over the past century-plus.  It is why, even though I held-back, I am compelled to post this… Back in 2008, I met my first Slavic woman girlfriend, who convinced me that watching television was largely a waste of valuable time – especially the “news” and sports. I bought into her mentality and ended up spending much more quality time with her, much to my delight and relaxation – and she liked it also.  Unfortunately, she had two young sons via two different men; widely separated in age to raise and that, along with her, cranky insecurities, and  suffering from panic attacks (something I had never heard of at the time) which caused her to take many undesclosed -to-me pills, soon put the kibosh on our relationship (her decision) after nary a bit over one year. I digress only to say, she had a POINT about watching the ratings-game known as the “news”; truly I’d wasted too many hours watching millionaire athletes do their thing at the expense of me pursuing my goals and dreams. Her cautions have stayed with me! Unfortunately, the general populace of the USA did not receive the same memo, and it speaks directly to the overkill that today’s news directors now give to stories of a racially dividing bent, which capitalize (for ratings, IMO) on reigniting the recently-dowsed embers of racial hate in continental USA.  Having daily hosts on the airwaves such as Bill O’Reilly, Al Sharpton, and of course the legendary, Rush Limbaugh does not help matters of cultural ethnic manners and build unity either.  They only propagate hate instead of educate good news!  Why do there have to be “Red” and “Blue” states on the Election Day maps – or even the Weather Channel maps?  ‘Still fighting the Civil War, eh?  Very tragic. As for today’s children, not raised by two parents, who imitate the “news”: Do not cover and promote young chicks wanting to “join Isis”!  By doing so, you are helping Isis recruit! Don’t you News Directors understand and see this? Witness how terrestrial radio of today plays new, “cover” versions of past classic hits without the announcers back-selling the origins of the songs in-order to educate within the entertainment as people like the late Frankie Crocker, Vaughn Harper and those of us privileged to perform along side them did.  Who wrote and performed it first? Under what circumstances?  News and music media should return to making the “tease” incite these successive generations to want to learn their history of our collective past! tumblr_njzfc95MRe1r83d7lo1_1280 Rap/Hip-Hop music also must clean its act up (if it can without losing the very identity it has embraced in recent decades since 1999) and de-emphasize weapon violence in their lyrics and performances. They reinforce negative male stereotypes that we once had quashed! The whole Third World is here in many cities of the USA now. They only look the same as we Black Americans of the civil rights days of the 1960s and 1970s skin-deep. These are different “Blacks” – they are “Afro-Caribbean-Americans” who look a wee bit like black Americans – but I can tell the difference without them saying a word.  Islanders have more Neanderthal, simian cheek-boneed features and lips. They also do not have the same playbook nor history as we Black Americans who are descendants of American slavery and they look down/talk disparagingly about us!  Imagine that!? I heard an African guy on his phone, sitting only a foot away from me at my bank do this very recently! They shunned our history and take advantage of the gains, pain and achievements we endured only to arrive in the wake of our victories to miscegenate among us and further confuse the European Caucasian base that the United States Of America was founded upon. The generation of “lookalike” black people who came to the USA beginning in the 1980s are so late to the party and were labeled as  “African Americans” via the Clinton Presidency and the silly advent of “political correctness”  that we Black American men, who did the heavy lifting of the movement which ultimately resulted in the success of “we Shall over come”, decades ago of, but nobody apparently passed the memo on to them, and these crop of coconuts, IMO. The feminists and queers also have ridden upon our coattails, as if the perceived discrimination is similar – not. It is also time to end this enabling of children who can run to a social services agency or the cops after they get a needed parental disciplined spanking!  This action was unheard of during my generation or the many prior generations. We could not go running to some outside of the family “agency” and say, “Oh my Daddy spanked me! Please put them in jail!”  Bullshit. Everything was kept in-house – and we should return the same power to the parents asap!  A spanking or two growing is not “abuse”!  We are all born as  little animals that need training – some tough physically judicial parental love, that is – in our formative years. I use former NBA Hall Of Famer, Charles Barkley’s video on part of this topic because it is in-line with the fact that most of my generation’s parents migrated from “the south” (southern USA states where slavery emanated from). Finally, these discipleship ideas also apply the offspring American Caucasian clans in the USA, who have embraced the “thug” lifestyle. “Ya heard??”

Back to Starbucks, as I commented on a piece about the attempted campaign on LinkedIn.com, I would have built advance promotion and publicity about this idea long before slapping “Race Together” on the coffee cups and in a different manor using more medias, for one thing…In the USA we are still the victim of the negative messages about race that our own news Directors, channels and parts of the music entertainment industry reinforce and advertise (for ratings, IMO) ad-nausea. This must change for us to catch-up to the rest of the world.” As my acquaintance from Belarus would say, “C’MON, People!” ~~  your comments, solutions and suggestions are welcomed, as alwaze here.

As defined by Urban Dictionary.com:
Your Bitch of a Sister
“Man, my Bitchster is calling again! I’m just going to keep blowing her bitch-ass off.”

Question: If you were a male product of the testosterone-driven USA “Black American Revolution” (“civil rights movement”) which included you being sympathetic to the causes of Martin Luther King, Jr, SNNC, The Black Panthers, H. Rap Brown and Angela Davis et al, could you fathom a “female” member of your family who is fifteen years your junior calling the NYPD on you here in the “twenty-teens” [2013] because [she basically resents that] you temporarily moved back to help your common Mother and yourself move forward over something stupid like sharing the TV or mum’s car?

My radio mentor, the late Sonny Taylor, had a saying:
“As you are so once was I;
As I am so you shall BE.”

I left living at “home” twenty-nine years ago,
And changed as a person via the crusades of my life.
Only to have to return to
A stark contrasting and alien city planet,
That only glimmers of the one that used to know
Who I was back then,
I now only look forward to marrying my intended wife.

To how I adjusted my focuses positively during that time!
I am not going back just because you are selfish,
I had the calling to come back to the “home” you claim as yours.
So you think I am pissing on your area?
Our grow-up house is not yours yet
Until/unless Mum passes from
This physical world and legally before one of us!

I once was similar to you.
Then by living on college campus before turning twenty-one,
I learned to share unselfishly of myself and music.
I was once an anal fanatic like you are;
I shed that via travel and career-change-culture reality.
Experience taught me to stop watching, waiting …

Millionaires play money games;
Why do you do the same for no reason?
I am your older brother by fifteen years.
With no game for bullshit and you not realize it?
Instead, you inject family pain – YOU…the idiot!
All for nothing!
No physical affront or bloody assault;
You are just a witch!
We know you chant demons and occult;
Calling police while in an argument about a TV;
Selfishly you are the “Bitchster” I knew you would be
Nobody believed me.
You, the personality deviant who insultingly
Put two U.S. pennies,
Inside a Christmas card to me back in 2009!

Break out from your sexually confused misery,
Please do not take it out on me.
I didn’t birth a you, “change-of-life baby”.
But our parents taught me to change your diapers!
Get a job and a boyfriend!
Finally have sex with a man and maybe your breasts grow.
Wear some lipstick and be a lady!
Become fulfilled and popular so you can see,
Some of, “As I am, so you shall be.”
Before it is too late.

You,”It” instigated a heated argument over brief TV-watching;
A naive tattle-tale Snitch “PHD”,
Negative conclusions about me to-boot!
You never cared to hang with me to “know” me,
Shut-up for a change.

Now hospitals dun our family for non-treatment;
For over sixteen-hundred dollars!
For what?
Asking me stupid questions for one hour??
You created this situation!
You should pay the traitorous bill!
Why are you a reactionary snitch-bitch?
Even your Mother does not understand,
Your haircut as a man.

The last and only time I was in handcuffs,
Was freakin’ sexually!

A pleasure you surely do not understand.
Now you will never meet my best friend – my betrothed;
I’ll not let you poison my first, last and only love.
You Evil, satin/pagan worshiping witchster!
Stay away from me;
The next time I will call the cops on YOU!
Now you try to actively cut me out of Mother’s estate??
You a paranoid schitzo!
Get over yourself.

Definitely your father’s son you are.
If his incest upon you was not physical,
Incest was surely mental on you and it shows!
What a Bitch begot from such a nice mother
You are a terrorist within a small “family”.
And every day which passes without your contrition.
Solidifies you as traitor’s very definition.

~ February 19, 2013



Pickhitt: I predicted this in my first poetry book, “Sad Face King” on page 141! And: Apparently today’s NYPD would rather err on the side of gang-raping our constitutional rights upon misinformation and emotional gossip from a misguided sibling instead of walking away, “no-harm-no foul”-style. Very sad and troubling.

Sureshot: This could have easily turned into a “Ferguson/Trevon Martin/Eric Garner situation right there in my mother’s living room as the NYPD ganged me, handcuffing me for NOTHING. I am “Italian” like the mob in that what happens in the family, stays in the family. Yet the “sister from hell” violated that unwritten law on many occasions in the past two years.
This post is dedicated to all of the older brothers and siblings who have been disrespected and traumatized mentally by a younger sibling.

“Rank has its privileges.” ~ The Major