Rare Performance…and yet another timely “tune Wedgie”  that plays in my brain even when I try to sleep, as we go through changes weighed our upon our union-to-be by “da “Man”  (They used that phrase in TV series, “Mod Squad” a lot back in “the day” lol), yet, that is inspiring filmaking and musical creativity.  That is how music always teaches the ignorant, isn’t it?

 I never saw this version of “Distant Lover”, and it is so impromtu at times, as he says to the band at one point, “Play that introduction again, I’m not ready” lol  As if they are just among informal friends in the studio…

P.S. Frankie Crocker told me that “Gates” was Marvin’s nickname amongs the real “Brothas” back in 1984….More about that if you read my recent memoir of my radio DJ days, “He’s In A Meeting…” [see to the right, below]

I always liked the way he’d put in there, “Lord Have Mercy“, without breaking the groove or making it seem “churchy”. my orison is for this physical chasm contracts quickly with the help of kind human who read these words, so that we can get on with the business of marriage and the pleasures of our new life together.

I held this one back for a long time until my lady recently joined me singing “the blues” in an email to me.  Uh-Oh!…THAT  is another record… and movie…gotta go!

See U soon! (Lemme find it in my krates….wow…)