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                              I remember the “Flying A” gas station within walking distance of my parent’s house in Queens, New York City, where the price per gallon was, like thirty-seven cents back then.


          It now kind of hurts to remember these things – or angers me.  I also remember and notice now that free air at a filling station is becoming increasingly rare here in this southeastern U.S. city that I currently reside in and maybe your town also.  This is another bad trend because, after all, it is freaking air dammit!  A dude from Egypt recently moved from his Tobacco/Beer/Lottery store and bought a Shell station here.  It was the only gas station left to have a free air hose like we above a certain age are accustomed to having,  and within two miles of my house.  Don’t tell me to “get over it” either!  If you say that, then you are part of the problem and not the solution.  Air for our tires should always be free.  Do you pay to breathe?

The Flying A became either Mobile or Getty or maybe both – I forget which, but it always had the free air hose like every other station did.  The air hose was more important than the gas to me earlier in life because I and all my boyhood mates rode our bicycles all over the place, and a flat was as major for us as running out of gas was for our parents in their automobiles.

I could hardly hold in my chagrin when my twentysomething adopted sister and secretary at Office Depot tried to recently convince me that we should pay for the air to inflate our tires upon the premise that “someone has to pay the cost for the compressor” or some such bull.  Since I like her expertise at saving me money on printer ink – a subject for another post – I held my tongue that wanted to unleash this historical lecture that you are reading.


Why are free air hoses at filling station going “bye-bye”?  Number one reason: greed.  In the case of the entrepreneur from Egypt: lack of historical perspective over here in the U.S.A.  Which speaks to the end of “neighborhoodness”; would you charge your next-door neighbor for the cup of sugar they rang your doorbell to borrow or a cup of milk?

Now my top  reasons air should still be free: 8- Because we all breathe air freely – it is a reflex; 7 – Just ask someone with respiratory issues like Asthma or Bronchitis if air is free; 6 – Because it is part of our atmosphere on Earth; 5 – Because air is like the ocean, rivers, stream and lakes – do we have to pay to enjoy them? 4 – Because it is just mean to charge for harnessing air into a hose; 3 – Because it is air and we pay too much for tires anyway; 2 – Because gasoline costs too much and we are too willing as a nation to pay high prices so it is just greedy not to give us something for  nothing at the gas station; and my #1 reason air must be free: Kids and adults (like me) who ride our bicycles don’t carry money and should be able to fill-up our tires with air, especially in cases of emergency, and ride off into the sunshine.

Feel free to add your own reasons should you be old/young enough to understand where I am comin’ from. TTYS

**PickHITT: Kudos to the stations in Bellerose, New York, Lacey Township, New Jersey, North Carolina, Nashville and Floral Park, New York that I noticed recently have free AIR! Comment here with your gas station location if you also have a free air pump for kids and grown-up tires alike! ~ October, 2013

**Check this site, FreeAirpump.com click “view map” to find stations in your area with FREE air!


I was a pre-achillies pierced adolescent acolyte every sunday at my parent’s local Episcopal Church back in the 1960s and early 1970s. I carried either the cross at the front of the beginning processions or was a candle-bearer and thinking really nothing of it except as an experience like being in the Cub Scouts.  We were especially not thinking along homosexual lines back then either!  My fellow acolytes and I were in the midst of discovering girls!!  [not knowing what torment THAT would later bring, by the way]

However, I am not surprised that the Priests, Ministers, Pasters and whatever you want to call them who did the memorized magic on the altar had become a bit “freaky-deeky” along their ways when I learned, many years after-the-fact, that they were not allowed to get married.  This is one-thing-leads-to-another common sense of the most basic level, so what is the uproar for?  I say we accept it, those who didn’t raise a hand to stop it should stop “crying” all these years later, and either disbar the robed ones who they can  prove did some molestation, otherwise, let us all (pray) and move on.  Geez…It is more of the put-your-heads-in-the-sand religious cult at work, I guess.  I mean, where were the “victims” parents back then??

“Disclaimer”:   when I say “married”, I mean it in the traditional sense, because I am old enough to know that “married” still has only one legitimate meaning on most of the planet (yes, I love my gay friends). OK??

What do you expect guys of the cloth to do if you make them subscribe to religious “celibacy”  in order to keep their gigs and yet keep them in regular public prominence with a congregation, who at least fifty percent of, are females?  I noticed some of those female worshipers too, and they love to flirt with the  “power” of the pulpit” so to speak.  Masturbation only gets a guy so far anyway.  So let these people get hitched with a woman; what is the problem?  It would solve the overt issue here for sure.

Yet all the news media, certain religious groups, and off-shoots of the Catholic Church are still regularly appalled when allegations surface like the recent ones that now come within a hairs-breath of implicating the current Pope Benedict  the XVI.   I like the current Pope; I actually think he is cool!  Yes he’s German – and???

Shoot, if one of those “fathers” had tried to touch my alter-boy ass or somewhere more private back in the day, he would have been the one who ended-up needing “counseling”, OK??   Amen.

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