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The very oil the world covets for our societal easiness and ways of life is turning out to be its undoing, budget breaker of nations, and a non-lubricating pain in the natural gass.  Very Interesting!

The BP (“Event”) Horizon disaster has unveiled that there have been many other, unpublicized oil spills into the community of oceans around the globe.  Now comes the news that a “pipeline” burst in China and we have to see photos of a Chinese worker all gooed-up in oil like he is sinking in old American western movies quicksand.

Since 1983 there have been oil spills polluting (remember that word?) the seas of the earth, many without the fanfare of  today’s Gulf of Mexico ordeal.  I even know a few people that say that the Deep Water [Event] Horizon cataclysm was the intentional grounding  (or “watering”) of an expendable asset by corporate collusion.  Another example of greed amuck. 

We are way past knowing that we need to engage in alternatives to oil and coal, and yet so far behind in the thinking aspect of it we risk never catching-up in time to avert successive global perils and more frequent disasters,  as the planet adjusts to the sloppiness of its human population.  I’m jus’ sayin’!

Check out this chart I found…and it isn’t even up-to-date!!

What Year?              

Where did it occur?              

What tanker was it?              

How much oil did it spill (in tons)?              


The Persian Gulf              

Nowruz Oil Field              



South Africa              

Castillo De Belluer              



The Monongahela River              

Storage Tank              



Off The Shetland Islands              




Off SW Wales              

Sea Empress              



Galapagos Islands              



I often wonder if it is possible for the earth to totally run-out of oil and leave man high and dry.   One PHD in these kinds of scenarios remarked recently via Earth Talk about  “the need for vast investments in energy efficiency and the rapid introduction of new, non-oil energy sources.”   Amen, sister – but when?  Time has greased the skids, and is slipping away fast.  What do YOU think should be done asap?

I present to you another kind of “deepness”; when I first heard the name “Deep Water Horizon” I thought of this movie:

A long lost friend of mine who is not from the USA would probably say that “it is all bullshit; they did it on-purpose!”  And now I believe her.

Bet our old friend, Amoco, wishes they never sold out to British Petroleum now! LOL I just came across this and must share it with you my beloved reader wherever you are.  I grew up watching this show on (I think) New York City’s  CBS television station, Channel 2.   Thinking about the oil gushing recklessly from the bed of the Gulf of Mexico going on almost a month, I keep thinking that now is when we need a “Superman” because as the old TV show and comic strip would announce, “This is a job for Superman!”  he could fly down to the bottom and fuse the oil geyser with his super strength.  I lieu of that, we could use Lloyd Bridges in his role as the scuba diving “Mike Nelson” to take on the task…or not.  It’s probably too deep for such a mission.

First the unforgettable and dynamic theme intro/close:

Ha Ha Haaa! We can’t even GET that type of  ‘”innocent” musical drama  as a theme song anymore on television!  Sea Hunt is classic TV, and so when you watch a Beau Bridges or Oscar-winning Jeff Bridges movie these days, please know that their Pops, Lloyd Bridges, is the one who trained them into greatness insofar as we mortals know.

And now a clip from the show that reminds me of someone I love, especially when she asks, “What U doing?” as she would text me out of the blue sometimes, much to my delight. (Exotic-tongued foreign women always omit the present indicative when speaking English) LOL

Pickhitt: Here’s to fantasy/reality, and of course I am being very facetious about this unbelievable environmental disaster.  In times like this…we need a superhero, or at least the memories of a simpler time when we could read paper comic books about them saving the world from the ruthlessly greedy barons.

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