As a #writer, I am a “pen guy”. I have to hurriedly extract myself from Office Depot/Max and the like, lest I blow my budget on writing implements, like a variety of assorted colored ink pens. I have to remind myself to break the notion to stare and try, on the little sample pad, the assortment of colored stylographs.

So it is with particular trepidation that I, during my continual “#2023 winter of decluttering” came across an envelope, obviously owned by a late relative, inside of which was this peculiar “Sheaffer’s” pen, which turned-out to be a fountain pen!

Yes! And with enough ink still inside for who-knows-how-long and which I could immediately write with! OMGosh, where is my broncho inhaler! lol

I therefore had to research deeper, to make sure that my fascination with this ancient reservoir pen scribe tool wasn’t an act of encroaching lunacy! It must be another message from beyond from my genetic trainer, with the following “8 reasons” attendant. Who knew?? Timing IS truly everything.

I hope this inspires you to correct your “script” signature like your teachers once admonished you to practice! However, beware that I am the luckiest to have FOUND this stylograph, because of today’s prohibitive pricing for same, is like getting ink for your multi-functional copier, I think! (“Oh pleez! When will prices discount instead of increasing, please? in our lifetime? Oh! I just noticed that gasoline is down by a dollar since the beginning of the year!) Thank you, Hope.