As you may know, the woman I cherish is in and “from” Ukraine. This silly, Putin inspired civil war has delayed our plans to incorporate via marriage internationally. Therefore, I am looking for all avenues to raise funds for men like Vyacheslav and others afflicted because of it. Please join me in donating.

Voices of Ukraine

Translated and edited by Voices of Ukraine

‘Aidar’ [battalion] fighter Vyacheslav Buynovskyi who became disabled as a result of injuries near the city of Shchastya in Luhansk region, needs help. Volunteers who watch over Vyacheslav turned to the Editor of

“The funds for the prostheses are already being collected. But there is another problem – housing,” says volunteer Anna. Vyacheslav and his mother live in an apartment that is 12.5 sq. meters of residential space in Krolevets, Sumy region. The passage is narrow, a wheelchair will not pass through even in the corridor, nor to the outdoor facilities. It’s hard to imagine how they will continue to live here, I cannot in any way imagine him jumping on one foot to the toilet outside and with his only whole hand holding himself up so as not to fall into the pit, and I also cannot…

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