type keys

A co-worker recently commented to me, “Hey man you type fast!” lol I thought and replied, “My Keyboarding class teacher would be happy to heart that!” Then I thought, how far this “hunt and pecker” has traveled with the advent of the PC and now laptop devices…I even can sms pretty good with my too-big fingers for the android.

My seventh or eighth grade keyboarding teacher would be proud to hear this news! So would my father, as much as he berated me for not catching-on quickly to type without looking at my fingers! It was circa 1969 for me…Do you remember your typewriter keyboarding teacher? When I had it she used a ruler to whack our hands into a tighter, faster and possibly more accurate application to the alphabetical keys.
The explosion of computers was not envisioned by our piano, typing or keyboarding instructors – or was it? I investigate to give you succinct history, meanwhile, from personal experience, it was more about being able to type a term paper fast and accurately, or getting a secretarial “receptionist” gig at about the time that men were being accepted as such.
I wish that I had been able to save at least ONE of the several classic typewriters that passed through my writng fingers!


At least a novelty or conversation piece, I could still, provided I can find a “ribbon” for it, create written content, use “carbon paper” to make a copy of it while imagining practicing what our typing teacher mandated using that huge homework book that we were assigned to copy our tediously repetitive lessons from. woman-typing-007


At the end of the day, my colleague was correct! I do type faster! lol With props to the old maiden typewritng teacher, my bothersom father who perpetuated pecking proliferation punctuatiting precisely (more importantly) practicing without knowing with growing proficiency by dint of the personal computer, et al which increased the good ole “wpm” (“words- per-minute” for you clueless youngnz) which are not that important anymore, I suppose, unless you apply for a gig which requires a typing test, a la “secretary” or whatever the modern term for that individual is these days. I am SURE that it is taught differently.