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A co-worker recently commented to me, “Hey man you type fast!” lol I thought and replied, “My Keyboarding class teacher would be happy to heart that!” Then I thought, how far this “hunt and pecker” has traveled with the advent of the PC and now laptop devices…I even can sms pretty good with my too-big fingers for the android.

My seventh or eighth grade keyboarding teacher would be proud to hear this news! So would my father, as much as he berated me for not catching-on quickly to type without looking at my fingers! It was circa 1969 for me…Do you remember your typewriter keyboarding teacher? When I had it she used a ruler to whack our hands into a tighter, faster and possibly more accurate application to the alphabetical keys.
The explosion of computers was not envisioned by our piano, typing or keyboarding instructors – or was it? I investigate to give you succinct history, meanwhile, from personal experience, it was more about being able to type a term paper fast and accurately, or getting a secretarial “receptionist” gig at about the time that men were being accepted as such.
I wish that I had been able to save at least ONE of the several classic typewriters that passed through my writng fingers!


At least a novelty or conversation piece, I could still, provided I can find a “ribbon” for it, create written content, use “carbon paper” to make a copy of it while imagining practicing what our typing teacher mandated using that huge homework book that we were assigned to copy our tediously repetitive lessons from. woman-typing-007


At the end of the day, my colleague was correct! I do type faster! lol With props to the old maiden typewritng teacher, my bothersom father who perpetuated pecking proliferation punctuatiting precisely (more importantly) practicing without knowing with growing proficiency by dint of the personal computer, et al which increased the good ole “wpm” (“words- per-minute” for you clueless youngnz) which are not that important anymore, I suppose, unless you apply for a gig which requires a typing test, a la “secretary” or whatever the modern term for that individual is these days. I am SURE that it is taught differently.



[With apologies to those who enjoy my poetry (or scorn and mock it) for taking so long between sharing my posts due to working a daily routine which includes helping my eighty-nine year old mum while I learn that New York City is not the place for my future with Nina.
I am on vacation from that world as I post these creative words from that neglected other aspect of my loyal inner self.]

By Pebble Bay Beach

Don’t grow cold on me.
Although in life,
There is war and strife;
Hold onto the cures that might,
Give you peace at night.
Such as me being your man,
Who will more than suffice.

Do not…grow cold on me.
For now almost twice a fortnight,
Upon our collective breast,
This silence is cast against winds
Though they may change directions,
My course is consistent and steady;
Yet, shaken by your sudden surprise absence.
So that when Our Father’s blessing finally comes,
The means to import you and yours;
I will be ready.

Clutch the dreams of your heart.
Even tighter within your fighting fists
Knowing each day we awake;
It carries a blessing and a risk.
A song by Neil Diamond enters my mind,
“Love On The Rocks” lol

Don’t…grow cold on me,
It is embarassing to see!
Allowing me to journey alone like a rudderless boat;
Without word or reason,
When others are gone;
In the disorienting foggy dawns,
That disclaims territory of inevitably changing seasons.


marketing manager

Six months ago, the owner of the company that I work for promoted me to “Head of “ [my department].  I am the Manager of call center Appointment Setters – marketing sales. I was and am grateful for the faith he put in me. However, you will not believe the kinds of common sense transgressions I have seen in such a short of a time!  One of the main ones is that several people that I hired – a few of whom were thrust upon me by others in the company who had our boss’s ear for the moment – thought that they could not show up for work, not call-in and then show up two days later and think that they still had a job!!  It is amazing, and speaks sadly to the apparent lowered standards of both the home family unit and our basic education system! 

Upon that backdrop, I present for those of you who have been Managers of people and you who aspire to become same, the following quick list of tips:


1 -When you conclude an interview, always ask for references to the previous employers listed on a candidate’s resume.  If those references are not emailed to you in the next 24 hours, the candidate is not serious or has fudged their CV. In any event, it is a sure sign that they cannot follow a simple request, do not want the job badly enough to make you look good as a hiring manager and will likely become a headache if hired.

2 – Praise publicly, criticize constructively, privately

3 – Motivate and always thank your “troops” at the end of each day for their efforts.

4 – Make sure that your business owner backs your decisions and policies.  whip
They trusted you to “Head” the department, so you do not want employees under your management to feel that they can go over your head when something you say, they do not like or want to follow. The last thing you want to happen is you asked to terminate someone for insubordination, only to have that individual hired back into another department at the same company (which I had to experience, btw).

5 – Learn to listen and not react when those under your charge discuss work-related issues amongst themselves in your presence.  Unless they directly ask you to intervene, let them work things out and become closer without your micromanagement.

6 – Set a good example.  Do not ask employees to do what you would not do yourself.  Whether it is not eating lunch at your workstation or not leaving sales voice-mails.  Ask not your employees to do what you do not do yourself!

Being a Manager is not all it is cracked-up to be.  It is especially acute if you are only a manger in name without a significant increase in pay.  Therefore,


7 – Never accept more responsibility for others without a substantial pay raise, in-writing.  Otherwise, the headaches that come along with increased pressure upon your shoulders just ain’t worth it.

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