Voices of Ukraine

1979277_763528703657362_416785035_oBy Maidaners
03.20.2014 Facebook
Translated by Paweł Łapiński and edited by Voices of Ukraine 

Alim is a 25 year old media consultant. He is one of the people involved in launching the Crimea_SOS initiative in social networks.

Everything began on the morning of February 27, 2014. It was already known that crowds of “little green men” with strange intentions were coming to Crimea. “No one understood what was going on yet,” remembers the young man. He called his friends – Tamila Tasheva and Sevgil Musayeva. Together, they decided to create an information resource about Crimea. They received a lot of conflicting information, and it was necessary to verify and collect it in one spot. That’s how they founded Crimea_SOS.

Soon, people started calling Crimea_SOS to report operational information from the peninsula. But also to offer their help. Many calls came from residents of Kyiv and Lviv, who said that…

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