Ahh, baby, look what ya done for me as we lovingly transition into 2014…



Dateline, Christmas Eve, 2013…I am not sure why in the past two days two  elderly  ladies who remind me of my mum, “old ladies” , have asked me to help them across  the street into the Access-A-Ride vehicle, but I accept the assignment succinctly at the time it happens as the Heavenly Father accepts my prayers.




This isn’t just because you’ve given me everything, “Look What Ya done for me” but this song is an all-time favorite and I had to write something about these elderly women who came into my life out of the “blue” these past two days, to help them because…after-all, they are someone’s mum too! One of them even asked me to carry her purse, a sure sign of trust or “something” (I hesitated at first) because I could have been the type of snook who would have run-off with it!
Classic stuff from the brain that is my musical mind. “Aww, Baby, look what ya done for me…”
But it is not just about or as simple as that as you the regular reader of this blog already know!