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I went to a Seven-11 this morning and since it is Saturday, I really should not have been awake this early, but because of my current and temporary living situation, I HAD to get up and TCB. So on my way to collect my mail, I craved a couple Hostess Twinkies. Me and Twinkies go back to grade school. Even though I am technically allergic to chocolate, even “Devil Dogs” I could swallow without hospitalization or a visit to the doctor as long as I chomped them in moderation. Moderation is a cornerstone of my existence.

That day, I walked the aisles of the 7-Eleven several times, thinking that because it is an early Saturday morning, I must be just “not seeing” or overlooking my favorite treat of yester-year that I allow myself to indulge in periodically for the “sugar rush”, I guess, lol.

Finally, I gave up and went to the cashier to pay for my Ocean Spray “Sparkling” cranberry drink (a new 2013 beverage fetish of mine which has replace BEER for all intents and purposes, lol). I asked him where are the Twinkies? I was then informed by this east Indian clerk (who probably never grew-up with Twinkies like I did) in broken English that “There are Twinkies no-more. Bankrupt. “Bought by a Mexican company and maybe they be back soon…” he replied. Wait a minute, life without Hostess Twinkies, Donna Summer and my Nina over in Ukraine is a life not worth living! I now always endure to change negative circumstances. Twinkies are a part of my comeuppance! They helped us wait for the school bus in the 1960s!
Something has got to change here, Ladies and Gentlemen! Bring back my Twinkies!