Wow…does the theme of THIS post hit me where I have lived “with” my Nina for the past two-and-a-half years; It kind of saddens me as most “reality checks” often do. Hope you don’t mind my “reblogging” you. ~ Naphtali

Sunshine on My Shoulder

Despite the fact that CBG and I have been together for over four years now, we’ve had very little practical experience as a “real” couple. Sure, we’ve experienced lots of things, but let’s face it, as a long distance couple we had the luxury of being able to enjoy an extended blissful honeymoon phase. Our weekends together were full of basically nothing more than fun, adventure, laughter and plenty o’sex. And ice cream. Don’t forget the ice cream.

Really, we were only experiencing the best of each other. I mean, sure, we went through some serious things together. Depression and anxiety. The death of CBG’s mother. Family drama with parents, kids and exes. Moves. Job hunting. Weight loss. Bad hairstyles. You name it. We’ve always been there to help and support one another through these things. Mostly from a distance, though, which makes a difference. There’s something to be said…

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