“Ship Ahoy!”
My nose itches and annoys.
How sad, “or what” is it?
To have found through,
Modern media means and then to;
Bond with that one special person,
Only to possibly never –
Because of economics,
Ever acquire the means;
To repay her graciousness!
Which she surely could have ignored
And sealed the deal forever more.
I would like to “seal her deal”!
She has my eternal love,
Blessed mutual countenance stay true!

This first spring month of time,
Two years ago;
I’d never heard of her.
Was lost in despair,
Heading for suicidal.
Now I save to marry bridal
What?, You say?
My inspirational flesh will come back;
Like money wherever we dun it from!
Some say “claim her in Jesus’ name!”
No, We carry religion in our hearts,
Just the same.

Now late at night,
After I douse the bed light;
Searching the darkness in my lonely room
Praying, meditating, channeling the formula that,
Will take me fastidiously to her!
Only to fall asleep;
Hours later awakening for work;
With an “Ah-Choo!!”
Watery and dripping eyes;
This time not from my cries.
It is yucky this yellow dust,
And again I feel all the bluer.