I had this dream a few nights ago about my late Aunt “Vee”, as we called her. I loved Aunt Vee. She could be “mean” and scold me and my cousins when we were little, owned a lot of 45rpm records that I liked to listen to when I found them in the basement at family gatherings, but had an inner “pussy cat” heart. A frail, loving and to-the-point lady, who loved me to take her shopping (at first at my Mum’s promoting) in her latter years, the other night. She’s been gone since around 1996 or so. One of her favorite things to buy as we traversed the supermarket grocery store was “Country Time Lemonade”. My family also lost another one of her (and my Mum’s) sisters just before Thanksgiving, 2011 and she lived in dying Detroit. Thus the title of this post where I finally post my greatest music video acting “performance” alongside the great Kris Kristofferson and Mickey Rourke!
I’m not sure why I never posted this 2009 video previously, but I think it is a private reason anyway. I still value privacy as one of life’s staple principles. Like the not bailing-out the rich people in America is a principle that our elected officials should always stand by, but are slacking recently no-matter what your political “party” affiliation is, if you have one.
See if you can spot me and you’ll win an autographed 8 x 10 photo if you so desire and email me for one. Agents: I am looking for more modeling and acting/voice-over work here in 2012, please. (He said, never “too shy to plead, Baby, baby…”)

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