So, you think you are mired in an endless cycle of under-funded support systems? Oh, No! We have done research upon this subject , and now want to impart suggestions to you so that you can move forward and not repeat the mistakes of past poor planners. First and foremost, know who your few “friends” are!  As my late Grand-Aunt said, “You’ll be lucky to have as many real friends as you have fingers on one hand in life.”  True that, Auntie!

1. Buy a Personal Computer (not a “MAC” if-possible) because “it” will become your best “friend”.

2. Don’t call yourself “computer illiterate” nor “incompetent” at it because you will begin to believe it.  There is plenty of common-sense free teaching/coaching out here.

3. Identify as many of your best skills as possible on-paper (yes write with a pen or pencil!) and review it weekly if not daily.

4. When you get an email that touts how easy it is to “work from  home” and earn $$$$, immediately scroll to the bottom of it.  When/if you see credit card logos, read no further and hit “delete”.

5. Never think you can become this home entrepreneur and get rich “overnight” or even soon.  For most mortals this is a seven-to-ten year process unless your luck suddenly spikes and you hit a lotto game (and don’t “blow” the money).

6. If you do not have a home computer, go to your local library and sign-up for regular time in their “Computer Center”.  Get over not “liking” people from other countries while there because they are there getting coached-up to compete for the job you think you want; or may become your customers!

7. Learn to read and write better without the computer (re-visit #3) so you can make notes.  What if the electricity goes off suddenly and you cannot use your “I-thing”?  

8. Learn to write in “cursive” if you are that young not to have  it taught in your school. (It is a “cool” code to disguise your ideas from other people stealing them! and oh, yeah there is that “signature” thing that you might want to consider being unique to only you.)

9. Take your time and learn what your new computer can do on and off-line.  It ain’t all about e-mail, Skype or surfing; the name of the game is research.  The computer is a great absorber of time, so the faster you become at  finding websites and places that can help you, the more tasks you can master – and then turn the damn thing off to sleep!

10. Have your own timetable for succe$$ and stick to it!  Do not wait for other people to join you, nor let them pressure you to stray off-course.  Act now when prudent; wait when necessary for your personal/family goals.

11. “Oops, did I say ten steps?” Well, I just want to remind you that there is a big difference between “friends” and “acquaintances”, and often both will disappoint you in your quest, while complete strangers will help you to the max! Learn to identify the fakers from the pretenders; the always there from the “fair weather” ones and you will be better able to concentrate on business-building.

12.  “Oh, there I go again!” Or I should say, there I go letting my mind keep on thinking. What’s that?  Oh, you want me to remind them to “just have some fun with their quest to begin life as a successful entrepreneur using the computer”?  Well I think we just did!  However I would say it another way(see #14).

13. Whether you are a male or female, find a mate of the opposite sex who is your team-mate mirror, who will pull with you and your dreams and not cause drama by pulling against you intermittently.

14.  “Oh, shucks, I forgot to count…” Remember to sometimes, whatever the style or genre you love, please just get “lost in music“.  Peace.

P.S. I am no “authority” on this topic, and indeed my steps towards the above-stated goal are by no means complete.  Indeed, this list could probably go on to about thirty steps !   One thing I know is that I am closer to my goal than I was ten or fifteen years ago when I really first knew I wanted to work several ideas, myself, into  future financial comfort. Part of the motivation back then was the contraction of the career I chose out of the University; my current motivation is incorporating my soul-mate (“mirror”) into being my wife.  Wherever your inspiration comes from, always remember to say, “Thank You!” to those who help you – and mean it.

   Please share your experiences, comments and or suggestions on the above, and “Bonne Chance”!