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Very Interesting when viewed against the backdrop of our documentary film-short funding project, “Cafe` Skype”….

Amanda Howie and her fiance, Matt, wed via Skype. Matt, a soldier overseas, image, last name and location is confidential due to security reasons.

Still, there ‘ Ain’t Nothing Like The Real Thing, Baby’ and how are they going to “consummate” their marriage? Our “Cafe` Skype” film funding project has potential videographers, camera shooters, narrators (female and male), actors and other crew lining-up to produce this from our Craig’s List advert in June of 2011! Yes, Mon!  One of the reasons I love Inna so much is that she has great ideas, of which this is only one, that I try to groom to able to fly successfully – but only in my spare time. For us to get together, I am working tirelessly for paychecks and campaigning otherwise. Consistent effort over time = success in any endeavor.

Here is another Skype wedding WITH the vows!

Let’s say that you sign-up with a new company for your internet service, and it is great because when you have a minor problem with billing or need to reset your account for some personal reason, you always get a Customer Service Representative who you can easily, verbally understand and who understands you from the first note of conversation because you speak the same language within the U.S.A.  Then…suddenly,  maybe a year later, you have another minute issue and you call the same company only to hear the respondent say something like, “Thank you for calling Clear, my name is ‘bladabelomedabludbomadebuk’  and how can I help you?” Does this sound familiar?  I had this experience recently when I only wanted to notify my IP that my payment would not be in my bank account on the previously scheduled day, and make a “‘payment arrangement”.  First I got a nice-sounding and friendly female who told me she was in Barbados.  Fair enough, I could understand her name and we tried to proceed until she told me that my bank “account [was] not valid”; meanwhile, I am looking at my “valid” account info in real-time on this machine!  That was my first red flag – but it got worse. 


When I let the Barbados chick off of the hook and called Clear back, naively thinking that I might get someone here in the”States”” who would be able to read my banking 411 accurately, much to my chagrin, this time my call flung even further afar.  I never heard of whatever name the person who answered this time, and when I, now getting savvy/angry about it, asked up-front “So where are you located today?” They told me, “Manila”.  My first impulse was to hang-up, but I didn’t want to be rude, so I related the previous call experience and asked that I be connected to a  representative here in the continental U.S.A.  The guy said, “Oh, the chances of that are very slim, but I will try…”  Say what??  Suddenly as I told myself, ‘this is MY country’, I felt the sinking feeling of knowing that no matter how many times I called them back, and I did call at least seven more times, I was not about to get a person stateside who I could relate to, understand me and address my concerns quickly and succinctly. Whether you know it or not, this is another outgrowth of the September 11, 2001 attacks where we who were born here between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans had our rights to work in this country taken away due to “The Patriot Act” and ‘our” government’s pananoid, unjust internal scrutinization which has begat increasing “outsourcing”.

"Voila!" it is no secret that I know Corporations are responsible of our economic woes

Do you know how many companies in the “United States” are giving jobs to places like the Philippines while we here at “home” have Unemployment Benefits running-out?  The numbers are staggering! says, “”More than 1.3 million additional Western jobs will vanish by 2014 due to “the accelerated movement of work to India and other offshore locations,” says the study released Nov. 15. Hackett doesn’t talk of this as good or bad, but as something that will be a reality ? and a challenge ? for more Western businesses. Hackett says the pace of job erosion has nearly doubled this decade.”

  WHY is our “homeland” un-securitying us as if their aren’t enough people who would do “call center”, “Customer Service” gigs – even from our homes – that they have to look to India, Manila and places whose countries are laughing at us all the way to their protected banks?  Where is the “yes we can” Obama on this?  I swear, after him I will never vote again.  On the next Election Day for President, I will burn my voter registration card like we burned DRAFT cards back in 1970! 

I don't mind Russia as much as I wonder "why?" southeast asia where the mentality is less friendly.

What experiences have you encountered that relate to outsourcing?  Why isn’t there a  Middle East-style revolution in the steets of the “United” States of America against sending needed job opportunities  to other countries?   Do you know that most of the nations that American coprorations outsource our  jobs to couldn’t give a “rat’s ass” if the U.S.A.  lives or dies?  It is true.  Why are we not a country that doesn’t take to the streets to protest against policies like I speak of here anymore like we did in the 1960s – early 1980s? ? WTF?  Has the computer dulled the sensitivities of Generation Y or whatever is the name of those coming out of universities now so much, that they do not care nor understand that the whole populace, including the Baby Boomers who are aging, need to be included and that “outsourcing” is marginalizing/separating us to our collective doom?

I am VERY disappointed in Clearwire and all of the “American” companies that are sending jobs to other countries here in 2011, while millions of people cannot  get hourly wage employment because of outsourcing and the draconian, time-consuming and impersonal “apply on-line-only” culture prevelant here in “the future” that is now.  Many benign behaviors are outlawed or taxed/criminalized, how about fining U.S. companies who outsource a couple million dollars if they do it?

Rare Performance…and yet another timely “tune Wedgie”  that plays in my brain even when I try to sleep, as we go through changes weighed our upon our union-to-be by “da “Man”  (They used that phrase in TV series, “Mod Squad” a lot back in “the day” lol), yet, that is inspiring filmaking and musical creativity.  That is how music always teaches the ignorant, isn’t it?

 I never saw this version of “Distant Lover”, and it is so impromtu at times, as he says to the band at one point, “Play that introduction again, I’m not ready” lol  As if they are just among informal friends in the studio…

P.S. Frankie Crocker told me that “Gates” was Marvin’s nickname amongs the real “Brothas” back in 1984….More about that if you read my recent memoir of my radio DJ days, “He’s In A Meeting…” [see to the right, below]

I always liked the way he’d put in there, “Lord Have Mercy“, without breaking the groove or making it seem “churchy”. my orison is for this physical chasm contracts quickly with the help of kind human who read these words, so that we can get on with the business of marriage and the pleasures of our new life together.

I held this one back for a long time until my lady recently joined me singing “the blues” in an email to me.  Uh-Oh!…THAT  is another record… and movie…gotta go!

See U soon! (Lemme find it in my krates….wow…)


June is the time for the rainbow of insects, the firefly, or as we called them back in the neighborhood, “lightning bugs” . I have a hard time describing them as “insects” even, because they do not bite nor harass humans, they only add magic to the din of twilight this time of year.  I admire how they seem to hover just above the lawn, blinking rhythmically and randomly like aircraft coming-in for a secret landing, but never really touching-down.

They are associated with pixies as in the Shakespearean play “A Midsummer-night’s Dream”. I wish upon them and even still try to get one to “light” upon my hand or finger while sitting upon my porch at dusk. I wish upon them; this year I wish for continued good health, that my distant lover is safe, not stressed and for the lucre lubrication that gets the film based upon our reality and us in the same area code “asap”.  

Without destroying their sexy romantic and imaginative evocations, I want to point-out that they are technically called Lampyridae and are from the beetle family “Cleopatra” (don’t ask, ok?), and they use something called bioluminescence to attract the things they reproduce with and/or eat. How do you say “Lampyridae”? Looks kind of like “larvae”. Creepy, but the only beetle that can land on me – The Beatles can always sing to me!  Bioluminescense” sounds like a good idea for a men’s cologne or lady’s perfume, right?  

When the seas runs dry and The Stars Fall From The Sky, She's a vulnerable flower and she believes in me...

Fireflies always seem to appear out of nowhere in the warm June air, and still amaze me in a child-like fantasy way. Fireflies were the subject of a song by the male American R&B/Soul group The Temptations, back when I was in my Junior year of college which I hope that you can hear below. Melvin really got some deep “timbre” on that record! We called that collection “the black album”, of course the real title of it is “A Song For You”.  Similar to a song about rainbows, I feel that the few songs that refer to fireflies conjure references to successful prestidigitization and monetary gifts! So get one to light upon you finger the next chance you get; even let it rub some of its magic greenish-yellow essence upon your skin, then say a heartfelt prayer that soon what you wished for, you will achieve.

The Rutherford Institute: The Drone-ification of America.

Ever since I came to hear their Public Service Announcements on WRVU FM, The Rutherford Institute and John Whitehead’s truthfully frank Constitutional commentaries have hit me “where I live”.  While a DJ there, I sent for his free information packet and received the great “Pocket Constitution” of the U.S. along with a poster depicting the  U.S. Bill Of Rights and other historical personal freedom 411, and I urge you to do the same.  This is basic stuff that my generation learned in our high school Social Studies classes – I still have the text books!

IMHO, too many people, especially “Generation Y” , are totally clueless about the Bill of Rights and Constitution as it was intended to be applied by the founders of the “U.S.A.”, and that makes us all more vulnerable to erosion in personal liberties that are being considered and indeed applied behind closed doors as we “speak”. Soon our own “government” will use Orwellian tactics like drone spying on “we the people” without hesitation and find some nonsensical political double-speak rationalization to try and justify it.

Please read the above linked article and others at the Institute’s website.  What do you think about all of this?  If you are like I am, we need to continue to make our voices heard because humans are not robots; people make laws and laws should have human flexibilities built-in lest we and future generations fall victim to increasing unfeeling non-empathatic robotization of our societies and “leaders”.  Speaking of leaders, I agree with what he says about President Obama and the war machine.  It seems that these guys get in there and cannot resist the temptation become hawks these days, even if they promised otherwise during their campaign.

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