Well, you HAD to know that THIS was coming in the ever-never-moving- forward world of race in the “United” States of America, didn’t you?  Once again, It is “Monkey Time!”  (“Oh, we didn’t really mean it”, says Ms. Davenport)  It always amazes me how some people like to compare Black Americans to the Simeon as if there are NO white Simeons running around on the planet.

So exactly HOW stupid is THIS??  And did you read the LAME excuse this “woman” (Davenport) put out there?  She evokes “Christianity” and other bullshit “mistakes” she repents.  All of this during “Easter Week”, mind you.  Hmmmm. Welcome to the “Jimmy The Greek” Hall of Shame.  In past posts I TOLD you that the “Tea Party” is a closet euphemism for “Archie Bunker-styled racist bigots” – yes I did!  They are the voice for those who will NEVA get used to the idea that the majority of the elecorate chose Obama as President in the fall of 2008.  In this land, some people will never “get it”, and that is why I choose to now ignore them as I choose to stay agnostic in the Sidney Poitier way (read his book!).  

 But let’s write a little bit about it all here for fun, what do you say? OK?  There was Howard Cosell’s insensitivity, and many other instances where you wonder just what these people are thinking, if they have a brain at all?  In this year, 2011 even, recently a Caucasian female puts foot in mouth, proof that gender hath no sympathy and is often clothed behind a sexy scarf, lipstick and false boobs.

I still dance like that Major Lance, according to my friend, DJ Onasile! lol  “All about the “four-twenty”, y’all! Still one of my favorite songs of all times!  I must have been about eleven when this came out, and l-o-v-e-d “Shindig” !

As I was out getting some exercise over the weekend, it occurred to me that the “United” States of America will not recover from the divisiveness of the post-racial slavery times for about a thousand years.  Really!  The reason that I realized this is by looking at other, older civilizations/societies.  Take, for instance, the Russian, Slavic or even Roman/European or  long ago Mandarin civilizations.  It took them centuries before they woke-up to the wrongs of their past elders.  What makes “God Bless America” think that it will heal and move on any faster? Not.  But one thing is for sure (maybe), all the usual “suspects” like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and others who never really change anything, will jump into the debate-fray, collect ten-thou for being on TV “news” shows now once again, and we will continue to look like a society that cannot get out its own way to the rest of the world.