I like to cook good, tasty balanced meal treats and at my bachelor pad, any night is “gourmet night”!  Sometimes people ask me if I cook every night, and my response is something like, “Well, there is nobody else here to do it, lol” In 2011 that will change, and I have found a woman who is just as eager for me to share delectables from my culture as I am to try those from hers – the beauty of international mating!  Coincidentally, the sprouts were originally a medicinal delicacy from Brussels that Belgians at-large adopted as the culinary pioneers brought them to the “new world” way back when they thought the world flat. 

 It is always amusing that some people still feign surprise when a man likes to cook and does it well.  I saw a comment in a recent thread about how President Obama doesn’t like beets (I used to dislike  them too, until I learned how to “pickle” them to keep them from turning all the other food on my plate RED, lol) to the effect of how this person just “hates” Brussel sprouts and I wondered, how retarded their taste buds are?  I mean, like how can you “hate” on those cute little cabbages that if steamed just right, maybe with a pinch or clove of garlic and or some sautéed onions and butter/olive oil will just melt in your mouth with very few chews?  I like mine just a wee bit on the fresh, slightly crunchy side (all the vitamins are still very alive that way), but even if you overcook them or eat them as leftovers a day later, they are still very delightful little buggers!

My Mum used to make them for us as part of her regular leafy veggie rotation of collard, turnip and mustard greens, kale (Oh, I LOVE the way it smells while cooking – just add a pork hock or turkey wing for seasoning with some white or red wine and/or organic veggie broth!), spinach, broccoli, italian and french cut green beans,peas, okra (which I don’t care for because it is “slimy”) and occasional asparagus, (which I have to admit that I grew into appreciating as an adult). I think my Dad liked Brussel sprouts  and thought they were “classy” otherwise Mum wouldn’t have fixed them as he could be finicky (didn’t like garlic, for example). 

I will admit that the fresh organic kind are not very attractive, like artichokes or asparagus aren’t.  That is why I defer to the frozen kinds, even though the slightly thorny-looking fresh ones, with just a little more kitchen “work”, are just as pleasant on the dinner table.

pickhitt: Pres. Obama’s fave green vege must be “Barackoli”! LMAO!!