Too many people give me this , “well that’s the way things are these days” excuse!  Especially when denying my request of them for work, a deal for mutual financial gain,  another job, or maybe even a blow-job! Just kidding on the last “for instance” – ‘wanted to see if you are paying attention – I’m not into the last one, but might as well be, in order to get some tabloid-style “notoriety’!!  (rhymes)lol  Copping to the presence of “the status-quo”  is a lameo convenient cop-out for inaction.  If that is the way we thought thirty or forty years ago, the Vietnam war might STILL be going on, Black Americans might still be called “colored”, “Negroes” (or worse) and have to ride in the back of the public bus, women would still be waaay under the glass ceiling in employment and there would be no handicapped-access ramps or parking spaces.  The analogies could go on; all voice-mails from government agencies would have no “press two for Spanish” option, Obama would not be the President nor allowed to run; might still be a “draft” of young men into the U.S. military, there would be no “gays in the military” nor gay marriage debate, etc.

Another excuse is, “Well it is a different time now…” Sure there are more tech gadgets and toys, but the basic human being isn’t different!  We all still bleed red blood – look at any video of the aftermath of a suicide bombing anywhere on the planet – we still have the same brain (although this tech wave is softening many of them up in the richer countries due to not having to use all of it anymore); we still have the same basic survival demands like the need of life’s elixir, water.  You see, we as a society or a government, choose which things we want to change.   So now is the time to work towards changing the way “things are”, don’t continue the injustices in employment and economics or technology by turning the other cheek in chosen apathy.   Will “they” still tell me this excuse when our clean H2O supplies dry-up within the next forty years?  Sticking the collective pundit head in the sand, Ostrich-style?  Will the masses in the U.S.A. and other traditional developed nations not take to the streets like the recent days in Tunisia?  Since when is an insufficient status-quo acceptable?  And don’t tell me, “Well, that just the way it IS now, ‘man…” Those who say this are comfortable watching the rest of us suffer and hope that we die so that there is more for them.  Prove me wrong! Please.  Say there should be fewer GUNS available for nut-jobs running loose in response the attempted assassination of a member of the U.S. Congress, and you’ll get another excuse for not amending gun ownership laws.  What has not changed since the 1960s in America regarding this?

The only person who got away with saying, “And that’s the way it is” and making it sound positive so we would come back to learn more the next time is the late CBS News anchorman, Walter Cronkite. (And those same leaders of excuses and inaction will say, “Yeah, well HE was from another time…”)

Make this the Year of Forward, Positive-thinking Decision; the year we realize that the next big wars will be not over oil, but over H2O, and let us take actions, even in the face of opposition from those we once trusted with our emotions and even our future, to ensure that those wars do not happen.   There is no rule that says we cannot go back to the extent that we grasp our best moments that achieved beneficial changes, and we easily can – if we put down our new hand-held devices and gadgets long-enough on a regular basis.