Your frozen-fingered bloggespondent is coming to you from Nashville, TN this time, where it is the first occurrence since I have had business to check out here, that it snows in December – measurably or otherwise!! I’ve heard that it hasn’t snowed here in December since the year 2000, and the thing of it is, it is cold enough for it to stick around for a few days, which is also very unusual for these parts.

Whenever it snows, it brings out the same excitement that I experienced as a boy growing up in the 1960s, and I never want it to stop – well, until I absolutely must go someplace like the grocery market or the wine store.  Ha!  Awakening to the first snow of the year, especially when it is not even officially winter on the calendar, can make you want to start your day with a fresh cuppa hot chocolate with marshmallows, a shot of brandy and a mint or cinnamon stick – especially, mid-day Sunday before the football or whatever pleases you to do on such a day, like a good book or working out a bit.  

Today’s snow is the powdery variety that you can blow off of your gloved fingers easily. The wind is healthy, hefty and gusty, and it sounds like a blizzard outside my house, even though it isn’t deep and drifting – but for Nashville it is a blizzard, LOL  The winds of change are happily (for those of us who need it in-earnest) a-blowing us through the end of 2010; Nashville, for example, had a first-time-in-a-hundred years flood seven months ago, and even though many experienced tragic loss of material things, if they survived it, might see new gains in new areas because of it going forward.  Now this, first in a long time early snow storm with wintry stability, is literally the “icing” on the cake.

Did you see the surreal video of the Minneapolis Superdome “baggie” ceiling collapsing under the weight of the same system that brought this snow storm to “the mid-state”?  That place is too old and dated anyway, tear it down.    Maybe something “sinister” is afoot…and so much for “global warming” – at least this week :-J

For a person form the northeastern U.S. to visit the “sunbelt” and experience these kinds of cold temperatures and graupel is almost a betrayal of the bargain. It is amusing to those of that ilk in that these natives to the center of Tennessee become truly paralyzed by less than three inches of the white stuff, LOL I despise cold weather, yet snow would not be possible without it, and it really does get you in the mood for the Christmas holidays and New Year’s celebrations. So I say, like one of Underdog’s arch-villains would, “Gooooo Snoooooow!”

(I LOVE the character voice-overs – Esp. Mr. Bar Sinister, LOL)